How to Host a Profitable Facebook Group with Caitlin Bacher

On this episode of The Mariah Coz Show we’re joined by social media mogul Caitlin Bacher. After working as a freelance social media marketer and consultant, Caitlin took a chance and launched her own online courses. She is now the owner and CEO of a 6-figure business!

We discuss why you should create your own Facebook Group, the importance of trusting your intuition and taking chances, and how to maximize your profits while working five hours a day.

This is a hugely valuable episode if you want to make a living selling courses! 


Topics Discussed in this Episode:

  • Introducing Caitlin Bacher (1:30)

  • Committing to an idea and trusting your intuition (7:30)

  • Tuning into how you work best (10:40)

  • How Caitlin transitioned from consulting to selling courses (12:00)

  • Income streams – creating a new course versus selling a current one (20:00)

  • “I can’t start a Facebook Group because…”: Working past excuses (25:50)

  • Why start a FB Group? (28:00)

  • Testing out Groups without committing fully– 30 day marketing schemes (33:00)

  • Balancing paid courses with free FB Groups (35:00)

  • Juggling multiple communities on different platforms (42:00)

  • Why you shouldn’t rely on Facebook alone (44:15)

  • Caitlin’s tips for starting from scratch  (46:25)

  • Pushing past fear (49:20)

  • How to think like a CEO (55:45)

  • Caitlin’s predictions for the future (01:01)

Resources Discussed in this Episode:

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