Episode 005: How to Successfully Have More than One Course with Sarah Morgan


On this episode of The Mariah Coz Show we’re joined by Sarah Morgan, blogger and online course creator at xoSarah.com. We discuss how to make your transition from client work to course creation as easy as possible, the true reality of running multiple online courses, outsourcing, niches, and creating courses on a level system.  


Topics Discussed in this Episode: 

  • Introducing Sarah Morgan (2:20)

  • How Sarah transitioned from client work to generating passive income (6:15)

  • Sarah’s products and income streams (8:50)

  • Why everyone wants to create an e-book (12:20)

  • Should I simplify my courses? (15:00)

  • Topic-based courses vs step-by-step classes (17:37)

  • The evolution of a course: Badass Babes and beyond (23:20)

  • Why having a simplified course load is better than the “launch high” (32:20)

  • Emotional connection and sunk cost (35:48)

  • Why outsourcing can be tricky (37:05)

  • Sarah’s predictions for the future (43:45)

  • Benefits of tiered courses and Facebook groups (45:20)

  • Staying loyal to your niche (50:40)

  • What’s next for Sarah Morgan? (56:30)


Quotes Worth Sharing!: 

“I felt anxiety unpublishing my courses. But then you do it and you’re like, ‘Oh, okay, that feels good! Now I don’t have to deal with that. One less thing to promote’”- Sarah 

“Even if you think you have the perfect puzzle, pieces will change as time goes on” - Megan 

“To become an expert at something you need to train for 10,000 hours. You can’t take a course and now you’re an expert. It doesn’t work like that” - Sarah 

“Stick with those weird-ass niches. That’s where the money is” - Mariah  


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