What Makes a Successful Course with Ankur Nagpal, Founder of Teachable

Today’s guest is Ankur Nagpal, founder of Teachable.com, a course hosting and creation platform that we’ve loved and used for all of our recent courses.  

We discuss the insights Ankur has gathered from his position beside the scenes of running and selling thousands of courses on Teachable, metrics and data you can use to measure the success of your course, and his predictions for the future of course creation. 


Topics Discussed in this Episode: 

  • Introducing Ankur Nagpal (1:05)

  • The origins of Teachable (4:00)

  • How do you market your first launch? Top tips and mistakes to avoid (10:50)

  • What makes a course successful? (17:15)

  • Pricing your course for a targeted audience (21:45)

  • Course completion rates: Are they something to worry about? (25:20)

  • The gimmick of gamifying your course (28:25)

  • Ankur’s favorite weird courses on Teachable and embracing your niche (32:35)

  • Leaderboards and transparency on Teachable (36:35)

  • Ankur’s challenges and goals for Teachable (38:30)

  • Predictions for the future of course creation (41:40)

  • What’s next for Teachable? (49:05)


Resources Discussed in this Episode: 

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