How to Promote Your Course on Instagram with Alex Tooby

In this episode, we’re joined by Alex Tooby of Alex is a master of turning a follower on Instagram into money in the bank, and she’s here to discuss her method to marketing on Instagram, how to cultivate the best feed for your business, and her top advice for beginners just starting out with online courses and Instagram.


Topics Discussed in this Episode: 

  • “It was always my goal to make something for myself”: How Alex got started with Instagram and quit her full-time job (1:05)

  • Social media consulting and niche-ing down (6:05)

  • The secret to making money on Instagram (7:20)

  • Men & Coffee (9:50)

  • Income streams (12:20)

  • Alex’s first launch (14:40)

  • Launching her second course and creating a funnel (22:25)

  • Doing price increases and relaunches (25:45)

  • Strategies to launch (28:20)

  • Tracking Instagram links (31:40)

  • Post examples for promoting your business (33:10)

  • Staying consistent on Instagram (39:25)

  • “Just start somewhere”: Alex’s advice for beginners (44:15)

  • Challenges and obstacles (46:40)

  • Predictions for the future (49:30)