Episode 017: How to Build a Location-independent Online Business with Rebecca Tracey

How to Build a Location Independent Online Business with Rebecca Tracey. In this episode we’re chatting with Rebecca Tracey, of The Uncaged Life, and we’re talking all about running your course business as a nomad, how to run in-person retreats, and how to know what to invest in your business at different stages.  |  The Mariah Coz Show, Episode 17 https://mariahcoz.com/blog/017

In this episode we're talking with Rebecca Tracey of TheUncagedLife.com to discuss the logistics of being location independent, running in-person retreats, and making your own schedule.

One of the biggest benefits to running your own business is being in charge of your schedule and having the freedom to go wherever you want. We also chat about being fearless when investing in your business and her predictions for the future of online course businesses.  


Topics Discussed in this Episode: 

  • Introducing Rebecca Tracey (1:10)

  • Life before The Uncaged Life and transitioning into an online business (1:50)

  • The logistics of running a business on the road (7:30)

  • Advice for fellow nomads (14:25)

  • Hosting retreats and live events (17:10)

  • Pricing and selling your retreat (24:50)

  • Blending your retreat to the rest of your content (27:05)

  • Rebecca’s annual launch calendar (28:40)

  • Launching her first course: Advice and stories from Rebecca Tracey (33:50)

  • Growing a team: Struggles and concerns (42:55)

  • How to be fearless when investing in your own business (50:00)

  • Rebecca’s predictions for the future (59:45)


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Resources Discussed in this Episode: 

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