How Much Content Can You Reuse When You Re-launch Your Course?

We’re answering an awesome question from podcast listener, Monica. She asked, “How much of your launch content can you reuse?” You may be surprised, but you don’t have to completely recreate your launch content! We’re going to go through the tweaks you will need to make and how to relaunch successfully.

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Freebie / Opt-In

Tweaks to Make:

  • Tweak if you need to or have a better idea

  • Add more to it based on feedback

  • Add testimonials/social proof so people are more likely to download


Tweaks to Make:

  • Update content based on feedback

  • Make sure all worksheets are up to date with lessons

  • Don’t label your lessons with numbers or in a special order because you might change the order later


Tweaks to Make:

  • If a bonus did NOT convert for you, you can remove it from your promotion

  • If you have realized a big gap that a bonus could fill, add that one

  • If existing students are asking for something, make it a new bonus


Tweaks to Make:

  • Change the dates/bonuses

  • Change the links

  • Update content based on feedback

  • Add new testimonials/case studies

  • Add a heads up email - 6-8 weeks

  • Adding the opt-out tag - link trigger

  • Include everyone in the next launch, even if they saw the last one and didn’t buy. Often they just need to see the offer a few times.

Social Media Posts

Tweaks to Make:

  • You will post these again in the correct order

  • Add new testimonials to your rotation

  • Make sure the graphics have the correct dates on them

Social Media Series

Tweaks to Make:

  • You will run the social media series LIVE again

  • You can re-use all the same content, just deliver it live again

  • Either re-post on Instagram or do FB live/Periscope depending on where your audience is


Tweaks to Make:

  • • These are your biggest asset!

  • Follow up with testimonials and see where they are now, get updates

  • Ask your students for testimonials (ask them after every round!)

  • Ask for video testimonials - these can be compiled into video ads, montages, and they help make more of a connection

Sales Page

Tweaks to Make:

  • Update pricing section

  • Update countdown / urgency sections with timers

  • Make sure all dates are correct

  • Update bonuses section (and module descriptions if need be)

  • Tweak the copy and FAQ based on feedback from last launch


Tweaks to Make:

  • Map out your price increases for the next 2 years so you don’t go over your “maximum” price too soon

  • You can increase the price until you have found a pricing plan that feels great to you, then you can re-use that one. (AKA, the next time you launch, you can use the same Early Bird and Regular pricing).


Tweaks to Make:

  • “Pre-selling” is replaced with just a few short days of “Early Bird” pricing (no more than 3-4 days)

  • Becomes 4-6 weeks of pre-launch hype with mentions on social media, behind the scenes, and your free content all revolving around your course topic (blogs, podcasts, etc)

  • Teasing the enrollment

  • 4 weeks in advance: Heads up with dates and info about early bird (give them clear instructions to click a link trigger to get notified about early bird)


  • General rules for repurposing

  • Freebie or opt-in

  • Course content & bonuses

  • Emails

  • Social media posts & live streaming

  • Testimonials

  • Sales page

  • Pricing


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