Squarespace Review: Why We Use Squarespace

In this episode, Megan is taking the reigns and giving a full Squarespace review and why we LOVE using it for all of our websites.

She’s also debunking some myths about everything you can do on Squarespace!

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Here is our review of Squarespace and why we use it for our websites, sales pages, landing pages, and more:


What is Squarespace?

Squarespace is a platform where you can build and host your website. 

Other website platforms include: WordPress, Wix, and Weebly

Before we dig in, I want to clarify something: 

We are not "anti-Wordpress" or "anti" any other platform. 

We believe that you should choose systems and software that work for you and your business - that is what matters most.

Why Megan switched from Wordpress to Squarespace:

My name is Megan Minns, and I have been creating websites since I was nine. 

When I started my business, I focused on branding and custom website design.

I created Wordpress templates from scratch and loved it. 

But in 2015, I made the switch to Squarespace.

I've already written a blog post about why I switched from Wordpress to Squarespace, where I go more in-depth on my personal experience. 

Why we use Squarespace:

1. Squarespace has everything you need built in.

While WordPress has amazing capabilities, we would have to buy plugins to get the features we needed.

Squarespace, however, has everything we need built right in to the platform.

And it's easy to use!

For example:

If I wanted to have a slideshow on WordPress, we had to either buy the right plugin or buy a theme that had the slideshow capabilities built in. 

Meanwhile, Squarespace has slideshows built in. 

With just a few clicks, we can have a slideshow up and running anywhere we want on our website.

That's just one example of ways that Squarespace just makes things faster and easier.

There's no time searching for the right plugin, and it's all built in and really intuitive.

I love that I can just do everything I need quicker and easier.

2. Squarespace keeps us focused on content.

Wordpress can be a distracting platform:

Do you have the right plugin?

Will your plugins work together?

Will your plugins work with the template you just bought?

Do you have security set up correctly?

Is your side bar the right width?

Squarespace, however, looks beautiful (and works perfectly) right out of the box.

No matter what template you choose when you're setting up your Squarespace site, it is going to be modern, minimal, beautiful, and mobile-responsive.

That way you can focus on creating content and products for your business.

3. Squarespace is secure. 

When using Wordpress, security was a source of stress and anxiety.

Was someone gonna figure out my username and hack my site?

Did I have the right security plugin?

Again, this is another example of how I spent hundreds of dollars buying the best security plugin on WordPress and I haven't had to do that with Squarespace.

Let me be clear:

I'm not naive. No platform is completely bulletproof or impenetrable and I don't pretend that it it.

But I haven't had to worry about Squarespace's security nearly as much as I found myself constantly worrying about my WordPress site's security. 

So, no matter what platform you may be on now or that you've had experience with, I've had no problem with security on Squarespace.

4. Squarespace has amazing customer service.

Squarespace's customer service is one of the things that makes the platform stand out the most.

Squarespace offers both a live chat and email for support, that are responsive and helpful. 

I've never had a question or an issue that live chat hasn't answered for me in a matter of minutes.

Best of all, I don't have to dig around forums as my only source of help or information. 

5. You can launch quickly on Squarespace. 

If you have an idea and you want to launch it tomorrow, you could do it.

We've had people that actually launch websites on Squarespace that follow our trainings that do it in an hour.

Squarespace makes it that simple and easy.

6. Squarespace is easy to use - no matter how tech savvy you are (or aren't).

One of our favorite things about Squarespace is that it is easy to use. 

No matter how tech savvy you are (or aren't) you can learn to use Squarespace and have complete control over your own website.

You don't have to wait on a designer to custom code a new page for you or tweak things.

It's really easy to just go in and create a new page for yourself. 

I know Mariah says she's not tech-savvy, and this is one of the biggest fears she had when she started doing her business was with the website.

She didn't want have to wait on someone to do this for her, and even to this day, when Mariah wants to make a tweak to the sales page, she does it all on her own.

She creates the new page, adds the image, adds text, and it's very simple and easy to do.

So there's never a moment when she can't do what she wants to do on our site because she's waiting on an expert to do it for her. 

As the owner of your business, we believe that if you're ever in a pinch and something's broken, or you need to add a new page, or you forgot to add an opt-in, or you want to add an image, that you can do that yourself, because your platform makes it easy for you. 

Examples of how we use Squarespace:

1. We use Squarespace for our website and blog.

We love using Squarespace to host our website and to blog on. 

It has made our lives so easy! 

2. We use Squarespace for sales pages.

All the benefits of creating a website on Squarespace apply to sales pages.

Using Squarespace for our sales pages, makes the process so much more enjoyable.

We actually get excited when it's time to design or update a sales page.

It is fun, easy, and allows us to be as creative as we want!

Squarespace Review 2017: Sales Page Example

3. We use Squarespace for our landing pages. 

We create all of our landing pages on Squarespace.

We'll use Squarespace to set up a landing page for free email courses, free downloads, limited time offers, and more.

4. We use Squarespace for our webinars.

When we host a webinar, we use Squarespace for all of our pages:

Registration page, thank you page, and live page.

Squarespace Review 2017: Webinar Registration Page Example

5. We use Squarespace for thank you pages.

Any time we need a thank you page or a welcome page, we will use Squarespace's cover pages to quickly set one up. 

6. We use Squarespace for our 3-Part Video Training Series.

Once a year, we offer a three-part video workshop about creating your online course.

The entire process is done on Squarespace:

The registration page, the thank you page, and each video is on a Squarespace page.

People always ask us what we're using, because they assume it's another platform, but it is, in fact, on Squarespace. 

Squarespace Review 2017: Video Series Example

BONUS 7: We use Squarespace for welcome mats.

This wasn't mentioned in the podcast, but we have one more example we want to share with you:

We use Squarespace cover pages to set up welcome mats.

A welcome mat is a special landing page that greets someone when they land on your home page. 

We offer them something free or they can continue on to the website. 

Thanks to Squarespace's cover pages, this is easy to set up.

The options really are endless when it comes to how you can use Squarespace. 

Some people host their courses on Squarespace with password-protected pages.

If you do the e-commerce plan on Squarespace, you can have an entire shop on Squarespace.

If you are a service provider, you can easily create a portfolio using Squarespace. 

No matter what business you're in, you'll find that Squarespace will meet your needs.

Squarespace pricing:

If you're interested in Squarespace, the prices are currently $12 a month or $18 a month.

Squarespace Review 2017: Pricing

We use the Business plan and love having an unlimited number of pages.

Keep in mind that with any other platform, you'll be paying for extras like hosting and plugins that you won't have to pay for with Squarespace. 

Plus, the customer service Squarespace offers is unparalleled. 

You can find out more about Squarespace pricing here.

Please note:

This review is not sponsored.

It is completely genuine and includes no affiliate links or sponsors.

This is just how much we love Squarespace!  

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