12 Myths About Creating and Launching Courses That I’ve Found to be Total Garbage

Today is one of my favorite days.

Because today we get to...take out the trash!

That’s right - we’re talking about all the garbage lies that people tell about building and selling online courses.

I can’t tell you how often I hear people giving advice online that I just want to scream “Wait! No! Don’t listen to that - it’s just not true! I’m proof that you can do it despite the challenges!”

I know that those people are just speaking from experience, and I don't blame them for that.

But I do have an issue with people listening to other people’s stories and thinking to themselves, “oh well that person said I need to spend $5k on ads to launch, and I can’t do that, so I guess I can’t launch a course."


“Well so and so says that you need to hire a developer if you want a nice course website, I guess now isn’t a good time”. Etc, etc.

And that’s what pisses me off - that listening to this outdated or just outright wrong advice is stopping YOU from building and launching your course.

That’s where I draw the line.

So today I’m clearing up a lot of these myths. I’m telling you REAL examples of people who have defied these common myths to show you just how untrue they really are.

12 Myths About Creating Courses That Are Probably Stopping You From Starting

Myth #1: The tech stuff is going to be super hard and confusing and I suck at that stuff

Awesome! So do I. I can “get by.” I am pretty simple when it comes to tech stuff (love Squarespace and LeadPages because hello WYSIWYG!).

The tech stuff only seems overwhelming when you don’t know what it entails. The not knowing is the worst part. The actual tech stuff? It’s a cinch! If I can do it, you can. Not just saying that.

I actually wrote an entire post about the tech you need to build and launch your course, so I’ll direct you over there. I know that article took the fear and confusion out of the reality of the tech stuff for a lot of people. You can use platforms that are simple, beginner friendly - but still very robust and full-featured. Things like Teachable, LeadPages, and ConvertKit. It’s all explained HERE, but just know that if I can do the tech stuff - ANYONE CAN.

Myth #2: I have to appear on camera and that’s intimidating

You actually don’t! When I started making courses I had never bought a course before.

So in my mind, a “video course” was like people talking on video showing their faces. Which is scary when you’re me and nervous and had never done a webinar.

Luckily, courses don’t have to be like that unless you want them to. You can just make presentations in Keynote about your topics, and speak over slides to show your points. You can also use text, audio, whatever works for your content! You honestly don’t even NEED videos at all!

Myth #3: No one will buy my course because you can just Google everything

I hate this excuse the most, because that’s what this is! An excuse.

There is value in you organizing the information and presenting it in your unique way. There is value in YOUR unique voice and teaching style. People want to learn from you :) I personally do not have time to google shit all day. I’ll pay $500 for a course if it saves my sanity.

Myth #4: The price of my course is related to how many modules it has and how long it took me to make

OMG this one drives me insane. I cannot tell you how many times I get the question:

How long does a $97 course need to be?

How long does a $997 course need to be?

It has nothing to do with the number of videos, the length of the content, or any of that. It’s about VALUE. Can you be the shortcut for someone? I have bought $997 courses that were 1 hour long and well worth it, and $67 courses that were 4 hours and total garbage. It’s not about length!

Myth #5: My list is too small to launch a course - I need like 10k people on my list to launch

You can do a lot with a little list. Real examples:

Jenna made $30k with a list of 600 people.

Nathan made $12k with a list of 800 people.

Bryan made $8,337 with a list of 500 people.

In Launch Your Signature Course®, we have an entire module devoted to pre-launch list-building. So even if you have 10 followers or less, we’ll get you caught up with enough subscribers to launch. I also offer an “Option B Launch” strategy too!

Myth #6: I’m not an expert or guru - no one will trust me enough to buy from me! I’m nobody!

You’re thinking about this all backwards!

Seriously, the sequence isn’t become and expert, make a course. It’s the opposite.

You make a course and then become seen as the expert. Creating your course positions you as the expert! See how that works? It’s actually really cool - because once you’ve shown your knowledge in a course, you start getting asked to be an expert on TV, podcasts, radio, other people’s podcasts - it’s fun.


Myth #7: Someone else came out with an idea similar to mine so I can’t do it

Do you have any idea how many other people in the world sell marketing and online business advice? SO MANY.

Like, everyone and their mom.

And yet somehow, despite the noise and 100 other courses out there on my topics, I manage to make a living doing this.

That’s because the pie is infinite. It really, truly is. There have been SO MANY TIMES that I thought that someone else coming out with a course about what I teach would mean the end of my profits. I was so freaking crazy.

It doesn’t matter if someone else comes out with something similar - because YOU are unique and YOU have a point of view and perspective that they don’t. People want to learn FROM YOU.

Myth #8: You have to spend $10k on ads and fancy sites and shit before you can launch

This one makes my blood boil. :)

When I see people harping on how you MUST spend five figures on ads if you want to make ANY sales - I seriously want to punch them.

Investing is great. But telling people that they have to spend money on certain things is just not accurate (at least not in my extensive experience).

  • You DO NOT need a $10,000 custom coded course website or membership area.

  • You do not need to spend your savings on ads in the hopes you make it back.

  • You do not need to spend an arm and a leg on anything for your first launch.

Are there some costs? Of course.

Myth #9: You can only sell B2B courses or you won’t make money

I can’t tell you how many times people ask me “but does this work with B2C niches?”.

Of course is does! How do you think I learned this stuff? I didn’t start out in the B2B niche - that would be weird right? Everything I teach has been tested in multiple B2C and B2B niches. My first course was about living in a vintage camper!

I can’t stand it when people say “well it’s easy for you to make sales - you sell business stuff”. That’s a big fat excuse. It works no matter what you teach. Examples abound. Read that article to see 30 of them.

I’ve helped people create courses about home construction, debt freedom, fashion design, and everything in between.

Myth #10: If you charge more for your course, no one will buy it

I have seen first hand the power of premium pricing. People will value what you have created more if you value it yourself.

Think about it. When you go to buy a new pair of shoes and you’re looking for great quality, are you going to spend $5? Or more like $100? Probably the higher price right? We all put value on things based on their price - and we are more likely to put effort into something we made a significant investment into.

Myth #11: You need to create an eBook or work with at least 100 clients one-on-one before you can make a course

This one stems from this weird concept of “paying your dues”.

You do not need to write a smaller eBook before you create a course - and honestly, don’t waste your time! Turn that eBook into a course instead. You are not required to work with hundreds of people one on one before you are “allowed” to create a course.

Many people end up doing that, but there’s no rule about it. If you’re ready to create a course, you’re ready to create a course.

Myth #12: My course and site need to be perfect the first time, and can never evolve or change

Bzzzt - wrong! Courses are ALWAYS evolving and changing.

The fact is your course does not have to be perfect the first time you run it. You will think of things to add to it later, you will upgrade the content, you will change things that become out of date.

Your course does not need to be perfect the first time - it’s more like a pilot run where you learn how you can help people better, figure out what you need to add, and what you need to change. Everything is always being tweaked and upgraded in my courses. It does not need to be perfect to get results and be a great course!

BONUS MYTH! Everything is just way too overwhelming and confusing - no way I could do this.

Here’s the thing: creating and launching a signature course DOES have a lot of moving parts. If you don’t have a solid system to follow, it can get messy.

You might miss a few critical things.

You will definitely feel overwhelmed and confused about what to do when, and how to do it.

That’s why I created Launch Your Signature Course®. So you don’t have to spend 3 years testing, experimenting, trial and error, and you don’t have to have as many “oh crapppp!!!!” moments as I have over the years.

Ready to get started?