2019 Life & Business Update

The podcast is back!

In our first new podcast episode of 2019 (🙌) I wanted to kick things off with a complete life and business update and catch you up on what’s kept me and my team busy (like really, really, busy) over the last year and a bit!

2018 Was a Journey

In this solo episode I dive deep into why (and how) I took a mental health sabbatical from my business last year, touch on my personal journey with depression and anxiety and chat about how our automations and systems helped us still have a 7-figure year despite me not working much.

I changed my business model and chose to create a higher level program that allowed me to have a deeper connection with my clients.

I hired an amazing coach to help me confidently create my high level program, and feel confident charging a premium “high ticket” price, get clear on my unique value (that I’d completely lost touch with), and work on my money mindset blocks when it came to pricing a higher-level program.

All of This Hard Work Lead to The Accelerator

The Accelerator is the only place where we get into the entire online course ecosystem - from pre-selling your course to that first launch, all the way through creating the evergreen systems to sell your course year round and the way that all your systems interact with each other.

We launched the first round of The Accelerator live in 2018 and I called this the year of ‘peopling’ - as in, I interacted with other humans IRL - a lot (for an introvert!)

I was able to put all my focus on bringing The Accelerator in the world because all of our smaller courses (Your First 1K®, Webinar Rockstar®, etc) were being powered by evergreen sales funnels.

I became passionate about creating this place where we’re not just talking about a single strategy or tactic, and created a place where we’re always thinking about the holistic ecosystem of an entire course business.


Our 2018 in Review

2018 was all about creating a ‘cozy’ business model with cozy clients in a cozy group.

  • Things we tested that worked well: Not putting out consistent content (if content is stressing you out, hit the breaks - your business is not going to implode) and not doing any live launches.

  • Things we said goodbye to: sales calls

We made a concerted effort to grow our full-time team. I hired people that are smarter than me in other things that I am not the expert in.

My happiness level grew (fuelled in large part by all of our clients amazing results). I fell back in love with what I do, but more than that really understood that what I have to offer is special and unique!

What’s New for 2019

My priority is to make sure that my ideas - that I know can help thousands of people - get documented and packaged up, and clearly put together into the curriculum that they need to be in to help other people.

  • I’ll be creating and launching a new course! ✨

  • I outgrew my old brand name and rebranded to Mariah Coz. ✨

  • I’m working on balance and spending more time on hobbies (that I will resist monetizing!) ✨

I’m beyond excited to ride this wave with you! This year feels like a whole new vibe.


  • Mental health

  • Taking a sabbatical

  • Leveraging your team

  • Hiring a mindset coach

  • Money mindset

  • The Accelerator

  • Evergreen sales funnels

  • Working smarter

  • Business happiness

  • Rebranding

  • Online course business model


  • “The hard stuff makes you stronger”

  • “At some point you are going to face a scary thing, and you’re going to get through it”

  • “There are going to be people all around that can help you”

  • “Courses are the best business model, hands down”

  • “You can take a content break and it’s not a big deal... it’s not going to break your business”

  • “It’s okay to experiment”

  • “Plan in advance for times that you’ll be out of commission”


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