6 Reasons You Need To Start Doing Webinars ASAP (Webinar Rockstar® is Here.)

I am so psyched to finally introduce my new masterclass course on creating, promoting and profiting from webinars: Webinar Rockstar®!

In the past couple of months, I’ve done close to $50k in sales - FROM WEBINARS!

Lately, lots of people have called me the "webinar queen", or a "webinatrix" (love that!) and I've shown my clients and colleagues how to do what I do with tons of success (we're talking thousands in sales from their first ever webinars).

But LEARNING everything about being a Webinar Rockstar® wasn’t easy.

  • I had to figure out the tech stuff (I had to figure out the best way to avoid spending $500/month on a software that hardly works).

  • I had to craft the perfect pitch (and honestly - the way most people were teaching this just didn’t gel for me, so I made it better and saw better results).

  • I had to figure out how to get people to my webinars (so I started doing things that no one else was doing - and it was WORKING).

When I decided to do my first webinar, I could not find a SINGLE good resource detailing all of the things I've figured out. I was so frustrated!

After months and months of perfecting this process and honing my webinar craft, I’ve built the perfect resource for you.


I’m literally buzzing with excitement about this.

Because I KNOW that webinars are going to transform your business.

I truly believe webinars are changing how we build our audiences, how we market ourselves and our products.

If you’re ready to stop hiding behind your blog, become an expert and sell effortlessly, grow your list and audience like crazy and double your revenue:


  1. Grow your email list BIG TIME and QUICKLY (hundreds of new subscribers in 48 hours? YES!)

  2. You can sell like a BOSS on a webinar and the conversion rates are incredible (higher than email!).

  3. Build relationships with others in your industry. Meaning you now have relationships with the influencers, bloggers, and other top people in your niche.

  4. You build your AUTHORITY - you will literally become THE go to person in your niche. When you do live events, you quickly become the most memorable person in a sea of sameness.

  5. Grow your BRAND and STAND OUT - everyone will recognize you and your brand from your signature, irresistible webinars and trainings.

  6. Incredible engagement with your audience - this is an awesome way to talk to and engage your audience, creating a legion of FANS FOR LIFE.


I can’t wait to show you how webinars can grow your business like crazy.

Grab your all-access pass right here >>>