Am I Ready For An Evergreen Sales Funnel?

“I don’t think I’m ready for a funnel.”

Have you ever thought that before? That you aren’t “ready” to go evergreen with your course yet?

I hear it all the time.

“Don’t I have to launch live multiple times before I can set up an evergreen sales funnel?”

“Don’t I have to do my webinar live every single week for at least a year before going evergreen?”

“Don’t I have to have tons of money to invest in ads before going evergreen with my course?”

No, no and NO.

So many people have this misconception that you have to wait a long time to go evergreen…

You get stuck in this vicious cycle of thinking that you need to do a few more live launches before you are "ready" to go evergreen with an automated sales funnel for your course. You say “just one more launch…” like that will help!

If you have had one (YEP, just ONE) successful launch where you enrolled students, then you are officially ready to go evergreen.

Consider this your permission!


On the podcast today, my marketing manager Hayley and I are talking about how to know when you’re ready to go evergreen and what to do when you are.

Listen in to find out why it’s high time you implement an evergreen sales funnel in your business! 👇


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  • Passive Income

  • Online Courses

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  • “Set up your evergreen funnel as soon as humanly possible” - Mariah

  • “If you’ve launched your course already, you have everything you need to turn your course evergreen” - Hayley



If you’re ready to build out your evergreen funnel and need some help, you can:

  1. Enroll in Evergreen Engines™, our online course created to simplify the process of creating your own evergreen sales funnel for your online course.

  2. Apply to join Mariah in The Accelerator, our group coaching program where clients are doing anywhere from $10K to $60K in their funnels every single month.

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