Case Study: How Launch Your signature Course® Student Ashley Made $3500 From a Tiny Email List of 60 People

One of the best things about creating and selling online courses is the impact you make on your students.

Honestly, it gives me more fulfillment and happy feelings than any of the money or personal freedom. Changing other people's lives is one of those things about creating courses that you don't realize will become your biggest joy in your life!

I am so lucky that every day I receive an email or two from a student of mine in one of my online courses telling me that I've helped them make progress, climbed a metaphorical mountain they never thought possible, and take life-changing action!

A few days ago I received one of those emails from my Launch Your Signature Course® student, Ashley. She was telling me how amazing it was that she was able to launch her course even to a tiny list and make life-changing revenue! 


I of course asked her if she would share her experience with you too!

Before taking our Launch Your Signature Course® program, she had invested in tons of other courses about courses - but they were all theory-based and nothing actionable. Or they would leave out one hugely important thing - which left her without any results. 

After investing $23k into a course that didn't sell based on those other programs out there - she was so hesitant to join Launch Your Signature Course®. She told me: "Before I bought, I thought to myself, this Launch Your Signature Course® program BETTER work!".

And it did. 4 months later, Ashley has a profitable digital asset (her course) that she is selling alongside her other products. 

  • Her customers are buying her course like crazy ($3,500 in sales to a VIP list of 60 people during the pre-sale)

  • She's serving people like never before (because of our copy stalking and validation lessons)

  • She already has 9 months worth of joint venture webinars booked - one per month - to promote her course to other audiences. They all reached out TO HER - because she started sharing her smarts with the world.

  • Oh, and all this with a list of less than 100 people. Yep.



Watch the video and hear more about Ashley's experience creating, launching, and pre-selling her course by following Launch Your Signature Course® step by step.

She'll talk about her biggest a-ha moments, how she turned a failed course into a blockbuster that her customers are begging her to be able to buy, and more. 

Then when you're ready to stop dreaming and start DOING just like Ashley - with the only program available that takes you step by step and doesn't leave out ANY component of creating and launching your own course - enroll in Launch Your Signature Course®. It's going to change everything. 

Ready to get started? Begin preparing to Launch Your Signature Course® today!