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Passive Income Mistakes

Passive income may seem cut and dry, but we have some passive income mistakes to avoid!

Lucky for you we’ve been through it all and have the exact pitfalls and misconceptions to avoid as you set up your passive income streams for your business. You’ll be better off as you set up your passive income streams when you have these in mind.

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Passive Income on Etsy with Kelsey Baldwin

We’re so excited to have Kelsey Baldwin of Paper + Oats on the show! Kelsey is an expert in how to create passive income on Etsy and is generously sharing her expertise.

She’s also a Your First 1K student (you may remember the case study she did here) and the successful launch she had with the program. In this episode, we’re diving into how Paper + Oats started, Kelsey’s income streams, and how to balance work and live with a two year old.

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How Can I Offer Both Physical Products and Online Courses in My Business?

In this episode we’re answering a question from listener, Becky. She said, “I’m curious about how to offer a course while running a business that sells physical products.” There really is a way to do both, and we’re going to dive into all the juicy details!

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7 Opt-in Freebies to Grow Your Email List

In this episode, Megan and I are covering 7 different types of opt-ins that convert along with tons of examples of each! When it comes to creating an opt-in for your audience, decide what would be the most valuable for them and what they can refer back to again and again. After listening, we hope you have some great ideas on what to create!

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How to Balance Freelancing and Selling Courses with Lauren Hooker

In this episode, we’re chatting with Lauren Hooker of about balancing freelance work with launching and running courses, what sets her apart from other content creators, and finding the right mindset for hiring new members for your team. We discuss constantly being pressed for time while juggling client work as a freelancer, creating a course, and being present in our day-to-day jobs.  

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How to Add Affiliate Income to Your Revenue Stream with Addi Ganley

Many course creators feel like they’re trapped in the “launch to launch” cycle– constantly waiting for the income from their next launch to come in. In this episode, we’re joined by Addi Ganley of and for a conversation on escaping this cycle by setting up streams of passive income.

We discuss how to master affiliate marketing, the benefits of simplifying your courses and pricing them low, and how you can confidently ask your audience what products they truly want to purchase!

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Why we switched to Teachable to Host and Sell Online Courses (And 6 Reasons Why You Should Too)

Last August, I made the switch to Teachable for hosting and selling all of my online courses (which are my entire business!).

To be honest, I hesitated to “make the switch” for a long time before we did it.

See, when I first started creating and selling courses years and years ago, a lot of the technology that we rely on today did not even exist.

(This is why I am constantly telling you that you are SO lucky to have these software resources at your disposal that are both easy to use and amazingly robust. I’m not bullshitting when I say that NOW is the best time to create an online course.)

So when I first started selling courses, I had VERY limited options.

I chose the cheapest path. I set up email courses, connected everything with a $10/month payment gateway, and manually did EVERYTHING.

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