How to Master the Evergreen Course Creator Mindset for Funnel Success

What stories do you tell yourself, friend?

Our minds are crazy powerful.

Sometimes, we use that power for good.

Like when we build courses and launch businesses and expand our influence to help people.

But a lot of times, we use that power to tear ourselves down.

To list out all the reasons why something CAN’T happen.

Instead of focusing on the many reasons why it CAN.

Today on the podcast, I’m doing something I’ve never done before.

I’m sharing a piece of content from my most premium paid course, Evergreen Engines™.

This little piece of audio is one of the most important parts of that course, because it is all about your MINDSET.

Going evergreen WILL break your brain if you don’t get in the right headspace. Making money without all the hustle and hard work makes us want to self-sabotage because it’s so weird to us humans! If you don’t master the evergreen success mindset, you’ll sabotage yourself before you even start.

Listen in below!

“99.9% of people, myself included, have mindset blocks. Everyone you look up to, who’s successful, has mindset blocks.”

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