[VIDEO] The Find Your Niche Formula: How to Choose a Unique Niche That Makes Money and Makes Competition Irrelevant

Picking a niche can feel overwhelming.

Is it too broad?

Is it too narrow?

These are tough, but great, questions to ask yourself.

One of our students recently asked us this question:

“Should I niche down my online business idea, How do I pick a niche for my online business? Is it too broad, too narrow?”

To answer this question best, we decided to jump on camera and get into the nitty gritty details of niching your business.


We’ll be talking about:

  • If you should niche your online business

  • The benefits of having an ultra-specific niche

  • The 3 steps you need to do to create a niche that will make you stand out instantly

Pssst... Megan's video quality is a little bad for the first part of the video and we have no clue why! We apologize but it does improve at a later point in the video. Thanks for understanding! :) 

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