Passive Income Mistakes

Passive income may seem cut and dry, but we have some passive income mistakes to avoid!

Lucky for you we’ve been through it all and have the exact pitfalls and misconceptions to avoid as you set up passive income streams for your business. You’ll be more savvy as you create your passive income products when you have these in mind!

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Avoid these Passive Income Mistakes:

  • Having the wrong expectations about how long it takes to start seeing passive income. It takes longer than you think!

  • Not understanding how much work goes in up front, to create passive income systems.

  • Making it overly complicated and being a perfectionist (instead of just creating a simple system).

  • Using the wrong tech systems that make passive income harder - instead of using the right tools that allow you to automate everything in the workflow.

  • Not maintaining or periodically improving / tweaking passive income streams so they lose momentum.

  • Thinking you can spend money on ads and watch money come in through funnels when you haven’t tested your conversions on organic traffic yet / haven’t seen success organically.

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Building up your passive income streams is great for your business, and we’re going to talk through the biggest mistakes that you want to avoid so you can set yourself up for success. You might be surprised about what passive income really is!
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