Making a Consistent, Sustainable Income as an Entrepreneur: What's a sales funnel? And why do I need one?

I've been getting a LOT of tweets and emails lately about my "funnels" - and how they work behind the scenes, how to set them up, and what they look like.

If the word “funnel" makes you cringe, this is for you.

Because let's be honest: “Sales funnels" sounds super boring.

But making money everyday on autopilot, with products you already have? That's pretty fun!

Sales funnels don't have to suck! They don't have to be pushy, icky, or lame.

And once you know what the heck they are and how to set them up, you're going to be making money while you sleep (I know, I know) and bringing in new email subscribers every single day like crazy.

When you have a sales funnel, you:

  • Make money on autopilot

  • Sell more of the products YOU ALREADY HAVE.

  • Bring in new subscribers every single day, without extra work once it's set up.

I used to hustle HARD for every single sale. I would only make money during launches, I would have to be doing an active promotion in order to bring in sales.

But once I cracked the code on simple sales funnels, I was able to set up a system that brings in sales completely automated - without me promoting, hustling, and pitching all the time.



You can literally create a sales funnel in ONE DAY, using content YOU HAVE ALREADY CREATED, to sell more of the products YOU ALREADY HAVE, and be off to the races. This does not take weeks to implement.

You need just a few things:

  • a product or service (something that you sell - can be anything)

  • some content about the product topic

  • the right marketing messages

  • and the simple sales sequence

 Your new sales funnel is going to have you high-fiving yourself and shouting "F*CK YEAH!" every time your phone pings you with new sales you made on autopilot.

What's a funnel?

A sales funnel is simply a series of emails and content that lead your new email subscriber from casual reader into raving fan and then excited customer.

A funnel can be made up of webinars, emails, video content, or any other kind of content that you feel comfortable producing.

My favorite funnel, and one of the most effective, is a free email course that leads into your paid product with strategic, intentional marketing messages and pitching.

New visitors move through your funnel, get introduced to you and your product, and are educated, given tons of value and pitched with strategic marketing messages throughout the process.

Why do I need one?

Unless you are happy to make some random sales here and there and only during big promos, you need a freaking funnel.

Seriously, you need a SYSTEM for bringing in sales every single day.

You can't just put up a product , an eBook, a service, or an evergreen course, and hope that sales trickle in. You need to communicate with your new subscribers, EDUCATE them, and pitch them strategically and with various "hardness" (we get into all of these details in the masterclass) throughout the funnel.

Why do so many people suck at creating their funnels?

Great question.

I can't tell you how many entrepreneurs I've talked to about this that come to me saying “I set up a sales funnel sequence, but nobody is buying. What did I do wrong?"

When I look at their sequences, I want to smack my forehead.

Most people understand the concept of creating a sequence of helpful information - but they completely fail at knowing HOW and WHEN to introduce and mention their product. They fall flat and fail to effectively weave in marketing messages within their high value content.

And most people just have NO CLUE where to start - or what they need to include in their sales funnel - and so they never set one up (this was me a year ago - I had no idea what I was supposed to do!).

That’s why I created Evergreen Engines™.

funnels work for consistent sales
evergreen sales for overnight sales
Evergreen funnels work

Who is Evergreen Engines™ for?

Anyone with a course who wants to sell more and sell with an AUTOMATED SYSTEM that brings in revenue everyday.

Infopreneurs who are tired of only seeing sales trickle in, once every week, and have no idea how to continually promote their products on a one-to-one scale without looking like a joke.

Bloggers, online business owners, creatives, and more - as long as you have something to sell! Doesn't matter how big or small.

My system works for any industry, and as much as I'm not super into “formulas" that's exactly what this is!

You can plug your content into the format, and replicate it any time you want.

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