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What Makes a Successful Course with Ankur Nagpal, Founder of Teachable

Today’s guest is Ankur Nagpal, founder of, a course hosting and creation platform that we’ve loved and used for all of our recent courses.  

We discuss the insights Ankur has gathered from his position beside the scenes of running and selling thousands of courses on Teachable, metrics and data you can use to measure the success of your course, and his predictions for the future of course creation. 


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Why we switched to Teachable to Host and Sell Online Courses (And 6 Reasons Why You Should Too)

Last August, I made the switch to Teachable for hosting and selling all of my online courses (which are my entire business!).

To be honest, I hesitated to “make the switch” for a long time before we did it.

See, when I first started creating and selling courses years and years ago, a lot of the technology that we rely on today did not even exist.

(This is why I am constantly telling you that you are SO lucky to have these software resources at your disposal that are both easy to use and amazingly robust. I’m not bullshitting when I say that NOW is the best time to create an online course.)

So when I first started selling courses, I had VERY limited options.

I chose the cheapest path. I set up email courses, connected everything with a $10/month payment gateway, and manually did EVERYTHING.

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