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Episode 004: How to Choose a Course Topic When You Have Too Many Ideas

In this episode of The Mariah Coz Show, we're answering two questions all about picking the right topic for your course:  

  1. Emily asked, "How do I pick my first course to make when I have three different topics that I'm extremely passionate about?"

  2. And Raven asked, “What do we do if two completely different course ideas we've put out to followers are both getting the same amount of popular responses? How do I choose which one to pursue?”

Be sure to listen to this episode to hear all about our fail-proof criteria for picking a course topic! 


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Mariah Coz2016, aug 2016
Episode 002: How to Host a Profitable Facebook Group with Caitlin Bacher

On this episode of The Mariah Coz Show we’re joined by social media mogul Caitlin Bacher. After working as a freelance social media marketer and consultant, Caitlin took a chance and launched her own online courses. She is now the owner and CEO of a 6-figure business!

We discuss why you should create your own Facebook Group, the importance of trusting your intuition and taking chances, and how to maximize your profits while working five hours a day.

This is a hugely valuable episode if you want to make a living selling courses! 

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Mariah Coz2016, aug 2016
Episode 001: Who Is Going to Buy My Course? Where to Find Your Audience.

Welcome to The Mariah Coz Show, the podcast that teaches you everything you need to know about creating, launching, and selling your own online courses.

On today’s episode, we discuss how to find the right students for your courses by finding and infiltrating social media groups, and how to then capture the attention of your potential community.

Topics Discussed in this Episode: 

  • Starting from scratch: Infiltrate and capture (0:00) 

  • Using forums and Facebook Groups to find community (04:50) 

  • Marketing on Reddit (11:35) 

  • Tapping into someone else’s audience: Vertical Market Partners (16:30) 

  • Why finding an audience is step one to course creation (20:30)


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Mariah Coz2016, aug 2016
4 Marketing Experiments We're Testing to Grow Our Business

In this video we’re talking about 4 new marketing experiments we’re doing to grow our brand and exposure for our business. 

To be honest, we’ve been feeling a little stuck lately.

We had been feeling like we had just been doing more of the same-old, same old: more webinars, more blog posts, more of the same. And doing the same thing over and over brings the same results (great results in our case - our business is killing it. But the “same” month after month). We are ready to do another big push and take it to the next level again. 

We also hit a plateau in the number of new subscribers and readers we were adding every month. Again, we were still adding thousands of subscribers - but it was the same “rate of growth” as the month before. 

So it’s time for a change. Time to take new risks and do some experiments.

Our goal is to honestly just connect better with our audience (Experiment #1 and #4 are all about this one goal), and then grow that audience far beyond what it is now. We have a message that more people need to hear, and we’re doing everything we can to get it out there. 

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