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Episode 004: How to Choose a Course Topic When You Have Too Many Ideas

In this episode of The Mariah Coz Show, we're answering two questions all about picking the right topic for your course:  

  1. Emily asked, "How do I pick my first course to make when I have three different topics that I'm extremely passionate about?"

  2. And Raven asked, “What do we do if two completely different course ideas we've put out to followers are both getting the same amount of popular responses? How do I choose which one to pursue?”

Be sure to listen to this episode to hear all about our fail-proof criteria for picking a course topic! 


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Course Launch Collateral: All The Things You'll Make For Your Launch

It’s no secret there are about 1,000 moving parts to think about when you go to launch your first or next course.

  • There’s the tech stuff - setting up all the carts, pricing packages, upsells, and autoresponders.
  • There’s the course site - setting up the modules and lessons, uploading the content and videos, and organizing everything in a logical way.
  • There’s the sales pages, graphic design, branding, and everything “visual” you need to create.

And probably about 300 other things I’m forgetting at this moment :)

(Which is why we have an entire Course Launch Template and Process in Asana for my company, which is included for you to use and replicate in Launch Your Signature Course™).

But the thing I’m going to be focusing on today is what I call my “Course Launch Collateral”, and it’s all the content that I have to create and identify/name for our launches.

This is my “essential” launch content - things like the launch emails, the webinar content, the blog posts and more.

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