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How to do joint venture webinars

Joint venture webinars are one of the fastest ways to grow your email list, your business, and make new friends along the way. 

In this episode of The Mariah Coz Show, we’re sharing the first steps you need to take to get started with joint venture webinars, why they build your authority, and how to choose the right joint venture partners.

Joint venture webinars can be SO fun, and to help get you started, we’ve created the Joint Venture Webinar Tracker to help!

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How to Break down Creating a Course into Small “Sprints”

Wondering what a sprint is? We’re not talking about the 10 meter dash you did in grade school. In this episode, we’re talking about how to plan your own two week “sprints” so you can stay focussed in your work and get huge projects done. Have a big launch coming up, a sales pages to be written, or need to plan and produce your content for the next quarter? Sprints are the answer!

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How to Build a Location-independent Online Business with Rebecca Tracey

In this episode we're talking with Rebecca Tracey of to discuss the logistics of being location independent, running in-person retreats, and making your own schedule. One of the biggest benefits to running your own business is being in charge of your schedule and having the freedom to go wherever you want. We also chat about being fearless when investing in your business and her predictions for the future of online course businesses.  

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6 Tips for a Successful Brand Photoshoot with Paige of Studio Bicyclette

I am SO EXCITED to be sharing this guest post with you today from my friend and Course Coven masterminder Paige Boersma from Studio Bicyclette (yes her website is amazing!)

I have been planning for my own brand photos and I always struggle with this, so I asked Paige to share her tips with me and I could NOT keep them to myself! If you're struggling to figure out what the heck your brand is or how to turn "visual ideas" into real-life photos that feel like YOU, read this!

And lucky for you, Paige has a cheatsheet you can download full of ideas for your own photoshoot. I am using this in my shoot coming up!

I'll let Paige take it from here!


A brand is more than a set of brand collateral. More than your logo, your colour palette and your website - it is an experience, and your visuals should help communicate that and showcase your brand style no matter what the touchpoint is, immersing your audience within your story and including them on the journey.

And how do we do that? Through a styled brand photoshoot.

There should be visual consistency at every brand touchpoint so that your audience “gets” that it’s your brand because of consistency in the colour palette, the tone, the voice and the visuals, while all tying back to your brand vision and values.  

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Why We Switched to ConvertKit for Email Marketing (And How to Get Started on ConvertKit)

In the Fall of 2015, we switched all of our email marketing over to “ConvertKit”.

It’s been one of the best investments we’ve ever made, and our decision to choose ConvertKit over any other email system has helped us grow immensely (and saved our sanity).

Since then, we’ve received so many questions from people asking us why we made the switch, what was involved with moving our lists over to a new platform, and what our experience has been with ConvertKit since then.

So today I’m showing you behind the scenes of our business into the platform we use to send all of our emails, build and run our funnels, and more.

This article goes in depth into what you need to consider when choosing a technology or system to use in your own business, why we had to get off of MailChimp ASAP, and why we chose ConvertKit (as well as how we use it in our own business, with examples).

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How To Build An Empire Without Ads (And What To Spend Your Time & Money On Instead)

The other day I did a webinar where someone asked me if I had used ads to build my business, get people to my landing pages, and register for my webinars.

I laughed, because I honestly don’t know the first thing about ads!

People in the comments and chat started saying how amazing that we should never use ads because it was a HUGE feat!

Meanwhile I’m over here feeling super behind the times and stressing because we haven’t “tapped into” any paid advertising sources yet (no Facebook, no Twitter, nothing).

And then another friend on Periscope said to me in a comment:

I want to learn from you because you have actual hacks and strategies that I can implement without spending a lot on ads, but you still get huge results. Everyone else just seems to keep saying “just spend more on ads! Do fb ads! spend $xxxxx on ads!”.

Then the other day, I got an email from a reader interested in Your First 1K, but who said they weren’t sure I’d be able to help them since their niche is “banned” and not allowed to have ads on Twitter or Facebook (nothing dirty, just a finance-advice niche).

I was so surprised they assumed I focused on ad strategies, when EVERYTHING I teach in Your First 1K is organic, relationship-based, and totally free traffic and list building strategies.

I wanted to clear that up and also give my reasoning, since so many people seem shocked and curious about this topic when I mention it!

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16 Badass Strategies for Growing Your Email List

Email marketing is a huge topic (hence my epic course about it). Growing your list, getting subscribers, making them feel awesome and then figuring out how to sell your own stuff to them - it’s taken me years of trial and error and experimentation to get it all down. 

The good news is that there are so many awesome little ways that you can begin growing your email list, starting today.

You don’t have to create a huge opt-in freebie, or an email course, or write a million guest posts just to get started.

As creators and makers and doers, we often forget to make the time to market ourselves. These powerful hacks can be implemented in less than an hour and return big results. 

When it comes down to it, your email list = your business.

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