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Passive Income Mistakes

Passive income may seem cut and dry, but we have some passive income mistakes to avoid!

Lucky for you we’ve been through it all and have the exact pitfalls and misconceptions to avoid as you set up your passive income streams for your business. You’ll be better off as you set up your passive income streams when you have these in mind.

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Passive Income on Etsy with Kelsey Baldwin

We’re so excited to have Kelsey Baldwin of Paper + Oats on the show! Kelsey is an expert in how to create passive income on Etsy and is generously sharing her expertise.

She’s also a Your First 1K student (you may remember the case study she did here) and the successful launch she had with the program. In this episode, we’re diving into how Paper + Oats started, Kelsey’s income streams, and how to balance work and live with a two year old.

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How to Go From Client Work to Online Courses Using Webinars with Nesha Woolery

Being a successful freelance designer doesn't just come down to having great skills and a beautiful portfolio. You also need business smarts.

That's where Nesha comes in. Nesha teaches business strategy to freelance designers through her courses, member's club and ebooks, helping them create businesses that are profitable, not just creative.

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How To Launch Your Course When You Work a Full-Time Job with Brittany Berger

Meet Brittany Berger, who impresses the hell outta me.

Brittany is a Launch Your Signature Course™ student who is one of the toughest, most badass babes we know. She launched her course within 6 weeks - working only on the weekends! She has a full time day job and a VA business and a blog - and launched her course on top of all of that!

Her story is inspiring to me because even after being diagnosed with chronic illness, she rocked her course launch and even used her limited time to her advantage.

I hope you love her story as much as I do!

I'll let Brittany take it from here:

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How Much Content Can You Reuse When You Re-launch Your Course?

We’re answering an awesome question from fellow listener, Monica. She asked, “How much of your launch content can you reuse?” You may be surprised, but you don’t have to completely recreate your launch content! We’re going to go through the tweaks you will need to make and how to relaunch successfully.

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How to Break down Creating a Course into Small “Sprints”

Wondering what a sprint is? We’re not talking about the 10 meter dash you did in grade school. In this episode, we’re talking about how to plan your own two week “sprints” so you can stay focussed in your work and get huge projects done. Have a big launch coming up, a sales pages to be written, or need to plan and produce your content for the next quarter? Sprints are the answer!

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How to Leverage a Small List with Adrienne Dorison

Today’s guest is Adrienne Dorison from, a success strategist, entrepreneur, and host of the podcast The School of Self-Mastery. We discuss how Adrienne quit her day job, launched a 6-figure course, and paid off her student loan debt – all while starting with a tiny list. Prepare to be inspired!  


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