Why aren't you selling your course every week?

I have a question for you:

Why aren’t you selling your course every week? 🤔🤔🤔

You do NOT have to wait until your next launch to sell more courses. 

You can actually create course sales whenever you want, on demand.

Yes, really!

You don’t have to always promote to the same audience...(most of your audience will have no idea you are selling every week)

Not in a stressful or crazy way....(using material you already have)

You could be bringing in consistent weekly, monthly revenue (steadily growing month to month).

If you already have a course that has done well...and you want to make sales between launches...

The answer is: webinars.

You can do a webinar every week to your own audience or another audience…

In fact, if you’re not, you’re missing out on SO MUCH opportunity not only in sales - but in connecting with your audience and other people.

(How do you think I got to my first 7 figures years ago? 😉😉😉)

A lot of people are stuck thinking they just have to wait until their next launch to bring in sales...it’ CRAZY. That is not a real business.

You can be trying this strategy within 2 weeks!

Ultimately, you’re going to have all of this webinar stuff automated in an evergreen sales funnel (we help our clients and students build those all the time).

But until you’re ready to go evergreen, doing a webinar every week is a great way to test your offers, test your pitch, test new content, test out your bonuses or pricing plans… and connect with new audiences!

Today on the podcast, I’m talking all about how to use webinars to make sales of your course every single week.

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