Before and After: How 6 Course Creators Redesigned Their Websites for More Email Subscribers and Sales

“I don’t have a blog, can I still create a course or product?”

“I hate my website! It’s impossible to use. I can’t even edit it myself!”

“I want to start my online business, but step 1 is having a website and I literally have no tech skills and no idea where to start.”

For the past year, our readers and students have been telling us about their website struggles.

And we’ve been listening :)

So for a year, we tested and tweaked and optimized.

We studied what makes a website that converts.

Not a website that was “pretty” or “cool” - but one that actually converted MORE email subscribers and made more sales on autopilot.

How 6 course creators redesigned their sites

How could we create the perfectly organized, optimized website just for course creators and infopreneurs like us? What would that look like?

We wanted a site that worked for us 24/7.

We set out to create the website that gets you paid.

And because we know you are a lot like me (I’m not super tech savvy and I love using affordable, easy to use tools), we wanted to make the site dead simple for anyone to create.

No Photoshop, no fancy programs, no coding - just a way to get an amazing website that works for your business in a day or two.

The result?

It’s called “Website In A Box”.

It’s the only website template that is specifically designed with you in mind: the course creator, infopreneur, digital product seller.

The boss who’s working hard to grow her list, get people registered for her webinars, and make those sales!

Want a website that works as hard as you do?

What if your website helped you do all that - seamlessly, simply, elegantly - on autopilot around the clock?  

Website in a Box is being used by hundreds of people already (including our entire team!) - people who used to hate their websites, or have gone from a 2% to a 20% conversion rate, and who now have the ability to edit their own site in seconds!

Look - everyone needs a website.

And that website needs to work it’s butt off for you so you don’t have to.

  • What if your website converted 20 email subscribers per day instead of 2?

  • What if your sales pages made 3 sales per day instead of 1 per week?

  • What if your next webinar has 300 sign ups instead of 100?

That would be good right?

My entire team has used Website in a Box to redesign all of our websites, as well as many of our students and clients. We’ve had tons of our students test it out and build their new websites, sales pages, and more using Website in a Box.

Wanna see the results?

1. Laura Pennington of

Before: Laura had a website that she couldn't edit herself, and would need to call her web designer any time she needed any small tweak or change. 

After: "Website in a box made it easy for this non-techie to put together a professional site easily and quickly.  Wish I found it sooner!" - Laura Pennington,


2. Addi Ganley of


Before: “I almost spent thousands on a designer to re-do my site. I wasn’t sure I could do it myself.”

After: "Website in a Box has been amazing. I seriously sat through each video and worked my way through the site as I did. It definitely makes the process quick and painless." - Addi Ganley,

Want a website that gets more email subscribers, webinar registrations, and sales on autopilot?


3. Beverly Bean of


Before: Bev felt like her website just wasn’t aligned with her business anymore, and needed a major update. 

After: "Going through the tutorials while making my website helped me three ways: I felt empowered that I could actually do it, it was easy enough to pick up the exact steps and I needed to take, and ultimately the process was fast enough that I could feel super productive and excited every minute I was building out my site."


Going through the tutorials while making my website helped me three ways: I felt empowered that I could actually do it, it was easy enough to pick up the exact steps and I needed to take, and ultimately the process was fast enough that I could feel super productive and excited every minute I was building out my site.
— Beverly Bean

4. Megan Minns of

Before: Megan’s site was simple and clean. She loved how simple it was, but wanted a fresh design and some color! Not only that, but her business had changed over the past year and she was ready to rebrand herself from a VA to a systems and platforms expert.

After: Now, Megan’s home page directs her readers to the content they need the most. She’s strategic about promoting her freebies and content like blog posts.


5.Luci Burgess-Farwell of

Before: “Before I redesigned using Website in a Box™, I liked my site but felt like it was super flat and not dynamic at all! Images would only be frame width and it looked so elementary." 

After: I love how the sections are full width - it just looks so much more clean and professional! I’d tried this theme before but couldn’t get my head around it.Website in a Box™ breaks it all down so it’s fool proof." - Luci,


6. Mariah Coz of MARIAHCOZ.coM:

Before: My site was getting email subscribers but overall it was confusing to people finding us for the first time. It wasn’t clear what we did, what we offered, and what people should do first. I knew that lack of clarity was costing us!

After: Now, we have a clear "Courses” page that makes finding which course you need easy! And we direct people to the right opt-in offer for where they are at in the their business, which in turn puts them in the correct funnel that’s most relevant to them!

So here’s a true fact of the internet:

People judge you based on how your website looks. Wah wah.

People will either pay you, buy your product, become a fan or NOT do any of those things SOLELY BASED ON HOW YOUR WEBSITE LOOKS.

Seriously - I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen potentially profitable businesses just completely flop because of a crappy website.

Do you want a kick-ass website?

Of course you do.

Do you want to spend a bunch of money on a designer, or do you want to learn the skills to do it yourself quickly, beautifully, easily?

A good website CONVERTS readers into subscribers and customers like crazy, COMMUNICATES what you do and what you’re all about in a split second, and elegantly guides your visitor on a planned experience.

Does your website do that?

It does now.

Want to see more examples of our students and clients using Website In A Box? Check out our case studies right here: