Everything you think you know about making money blogging?

It's a LIE.

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This is NOT your typical “make money blogging” course (and not just because it's 100% free for you).

This is fresh squeezed, tried and tested, next year’s model kinda stuff.

This is an approach to making money blogging that goes against everything you think you know about monetizing your blog.

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You probably believe stuff like:

  • You need tons of traffic to make money blogging.

  • You need a huge email list of raving fans to make a living selling your stuff.

  • You need to promote other people’s products, plaster your site with ads, and sell your soul to make big money online.

  • You need to have tons of money, equipment, and tech know-how to create an online business + super successful blog.

  • You need to have big social media followings before you make real quit-your-day-job money with your blog.

Nope, nope, nope.

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Want your blog to be a real business?

You don't get there by putting other people's ads in your sidebar &
haphazardly adding Amazon affiliate links to your blog posts. 

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FREE COURSE: Build A Profitable Blog

The blogging and online business world is changing, and for the better.

If you’re creative, generous, hard-working and passionate, you’re just the right type of person to make it in this new world of building a profitable blog and business. 

  • You see, blogging & business go hand in hand.

  • This new landscape favors the authentic, creative, unique makers and doers.

  • The artists, writers, designers and creative thinkers are making BANK.

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Enroll in the course for free!

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"Build a Profitable Blog course? Off the chain. Epic. Could have totally charged for it, but thanks for not ;) Thanks for such a valuable free course. I've learned, been inspired, and am actually in the process of creating my first content upgrade and my "big" product I hope to be able to sell one day! I've enjoyed this course immensely (and I'm not even done yet!)." 

- Meredith,

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This is a free 8-day email course that shows you how to build a focused, profitable, niche blog and business!

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Each day for 8 days you’ll receive a new lesson right to your inbox.

Like I said, this isn’t going to be a bunch of information you’ve read a hundred times before.
It’s not your everyday "how to make money blogging" advice. This is not for everyone.
This email course is for people ready to harness their unique perspective, talents, and experiences and start making money with the resources they have now. 

This course is for you if you're ready to stop screwing around and turn your BLOG into a thriving BUSINESS.

What will you learn?

✓ How to find your unique niche and audience that can't wait to read your content

✓ How to grow your email list (so you can monetize it later!)

✓ My secret formula for creating contagious content people are looking for

✓ The best (and least painful) ways to market your blog

✓ How to make real, consistent quit-your-job money

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When I finally decided to “monetize” my blog, I had all sorts of ideas about what that meant. I had this whole, big plan I was going to follow.

When I think back on it now, I didn’t know what I was doing. 


The plan included:

  • Increasing my traffic (takes a super long time and kinda boring - I’d rather be creating stuff)

  • Waiting until I had enough traffic to apply to ad networks, and hope that they’d accept me (ugh, I hate waiting to be chosen. LAME).

  • Sign up for affiliate programs and hope that someone clicked my link (figure out how to promote other people’s stuff without sounding totally lame and feeling gross).

  • Little by little, over the course of a year or more, hope to make a few hundred and then a few thousand dollars a month.

Ugh! What was I thinking?


Jeez, I was not thinking with my brain and I was about to just suck it up and do all that crap. There is a better way (and holy crap am I glad I figured it out). 

Let me show you!

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Christy Tending Build a Profitable Blog Testimonial

"Worked through this in a single afternoon (!) this past weekend. *Really* valuable, even for someone who's already up + running."

- Christy,

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You may be asking yourself…

Um, if this is really so great, why is this free?

Because I see a lot of people sharing blogging advice from 5 years ago that just doesn't apply anymore and I want to show you a different approach to making a living with your blog, skills, and obsessions. I love helping other people build their online businesses.

And honestly? I hope that when you take this free course you'll think of me fondly. That you'll join me in creating more valuable stuff for your audience. And that you'll think to yourself, hmm, this lady is on to something.

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Is this just a bunch of “everybody knows that” / “I’ve read a hundred blog posts about this” kind of things?

Nope. I don’t think so. When I set out to monetize my blog I read SO MANY blog posts and eBooks and guides about it - they all said the same thing. The same 5 ways to make money with your blog. I tried them all. None of them worked for me. And more importantly, those monetization strategies weren't even fun.

So I did something different. I stopped doing what everyone else was doing and did my own thing.
Guess what? It worked.

I'm not regurgitating other people's advice here - it's tried and tested by yours truly.

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Oh hey! I'm Mariah.

I like to build profitable blogs, create sold-out-every-time products and programs, and help you do the same. I like to listen to 60's surf music when I'm working.

I build profitable online courses and digital products that create real value for real people, and I believe in creating and selling your own stuff.

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Get Build a Profitable Blog For Free Now. It's Better Than What Most People Charge For.

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