Even if you've never done it before and are starting from scratch!

In this tech tutorial, we show you how to set up your first landing page, so that you can start collecting emails ASAP!

You will:

  1. Create a quick and easy freebie - a tools and resources guide
  2. Create your landing page
  3. Replicate and tweak your landing page into a Welcome Mat

We go over the strategy of a successful landing page and opt-in freebie, then show you how to set up your own landing page using Squarespace cover pages. Then, we show you how to use the landing page as a "Welcome Mat" on your site to build your list right now. It's all explained below!

My hope is that you go through the tutorial, and have your own landing page set up within an hour.

If you take the time to do this now, you will see results right away. Don't put this off! Trust me, you'll wish you had started your email list today!

STEP 1: Get your free Squarespace account with a 14 Day Free Trial

If you do not already have a Squarespace account, your first step is to just create a free trial account so you can get familiar and test out the platform. We have lots of students who are on other platforms, but end up using Squarespace for landing pages because they are so easy to make and look amazing with very little effort.

Sign up for a trial account with Squarespace here.

STEP 2: Watch the workshop

We recommend you watch the workshop from start to finish - you'll get some of the strategy as well as a technical training.

>>> Here's a nifty checklist for you too!



STEP 3: If you need a refresher, watch this 3-minute tutorial.

And download this handy checklist to help you through it!


STEP 4: Connect it to your email list provider.

You can choose either MailChimp, ConvertKit, or use it with LeadPages!

Option A) MailChimp


Option B) ConvertKit + Zapier


Option C) Leadboxes (which connects to ConvertKit and MailChimp)



STEP 5: Share your landing page with us!

We love to see your landing pages in action! Tweet us @MariahCoz and @MeganMinns to show us your page!