30 Proven, Profitable Course Topics in Fringe, Weird Niches You've Never Heard Of

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There’s one thing that drives me absolutely nuts about running this online business teaching online business.

People assume that only people who sell marketing advice can make real money. People literally tell me “you have it easy, you sell business training. I could never do that in my niche! I talk about saving money/quilting/holistic herbalism/whatever.”

It’s the great big internet marketing lie: that success is only for people selling “make money online!” courses and programs.

Oh my gosh I want to punch a wall right now - because this is SO NOT TRUE!

I've taught people in the construction industry, in fashion design, in the knitting niche, artists, interior designers, holistic healers, fitness trainers, and everything in between how to create courses in their niches.

Yeah! So now just try to tell me your excuses about how “your industry isn’t good for making money with courses”, because I will prove to you it is.

You think of it, I’ve probably helped a person launch a course in it.

Now, just because you don’t see your niche on here doesn’t mean it won’t be successful— there are hundreds of niches I’ve left off here just so this blog post isn’t a hundred pages long.

If you have the right systems and strategies, you can launch a course in ANY niche and be successful.

And to prove it to you, I’m just straight up showing you 55 examples of courses that are successful, profitable, and making a real income for their creator in all sorts of weird industries and topics.

So please, please, please - do not dare tell me your industry or niche just won’t work with online courses.

Stop telling yourself EXCUSES for why you can’t - and start working on making it happen. Because you absolutely can.

Get inspired. Get your mental gears turning. Start to see what’s really possible.

If you think your industry just isn’t cut out for selling courses, think again.

Some of the examples you will see below of successful course creators in just about every niche, are from my own clients!

If you want to work with me and my team on YOUR online course business (no matter what you teach), you can check out our group coaching program the Accelerator here.

Another great way to get started is to watch our free masterclass on how to launch your course the simple way, which you can watch right here now!

Let’s dive in!



My Accelerator client Sandy Sitron uses astrology and hypnosis to help people start to truly understand and heal themselves. Sandy’s been in the biz since 2013 and has helped more than 1,000 people with her offerings! This year, she had a $17,000 launch of her signature course using our strategies!


My Accelerator client, Fabian Reinhardt, is the genius behind Paintable, which teaches people all about how to do digital painting! His company is so incredible and so successful. Since working with me, he added about $100,000 in extra revenue to his company… WITHOUT having to work more! 

That’s the beauty of the evergreen funnel! He had a six-figure course launch (with a course on painting!) and his funnel brought in $10k in the first month it was live. He is just getting started!


My client, Marie, is proof that these strategies work all over the world and in all types of niches! Marie runs an amazing business teaching people how to paint with watercolors! And get this - she teaches in French! Ooh la la!
Since working with me, she’s been able to take her launches to new heights and build her evergreen funnels. My favorite part? She was still making sales on her wedding day… without having to worry about it! Her funnel brings in enough sales for her to focus on her other projects, like writing books!