Private 1:1 Consulting with Mariah

I work with a small number 7- to 8-figure creator-founders and CEOs on strategy, team, growth and sales. My focus is serving online education entrepreneurs with established course, coaching or digital product businesses.


The world's smartest founders and creators work with me when they're ready for fresh-squeezed ideas 🍋

"Thank you again for a fun coaching day. I loved the support. I loved the back-and-forth mix of audio + text. I appreciate you taking the time to review my offer, give feedback, and answer my questions along the way. I loved having tangible pieces around copy for more personal outreach messages in DMs and then the three bulleted outlines of how to tell my client’s stories and lead with that in my marketing."

Jadah Sellner, author of She Builds

"Mariah is our secret weapon. We have all the data on what's working in online courses and nothing right now is working even remotely as well as Mariah's playbook. She's the real deal and maybe the most significant voice in the online course space."

Ankur Nagpal, Teachable and Carry

"Mariah, thank you again for all of your guidance as I created Business Class. I’m so lucky to have had you as a sounding board!"

Sophia Amoruso, Business Class and Trust Fund

"I love working with Mariah. She's smart, detail oriented, and her personality makes everybody feel good. I partnered with her to help educate skool's users on best practices and she did a killer job. Highly recommend working with her!"

Sam Ovens, Skool

"Thank you so much for all the work that went into my webinar slides, sales page, and offer design of our new program - I can't wait for the launch! You hit it out of the park, the webinar flows so nicely. It was such a relief to have you build the conversion assets. You saved me at least 40 solid hours of making slides."

Laurie-Anne King, DowJanes

"A 5-star experience. You totally got our voice. Just going through my slides and I honestly think this masterclass is the best I've done. Thank you!"

Lisa Johnson, That Strategy Co

"Working with Mariah was like having the all so needed tactical and business pieces added to what I had created with my heart. Mariah has the sense and skill to give the most practical and amazing tools to any entrepreneur looking to expand and grow. I love Mariah and recommend her full-heartedly."

Carrie-Anne Moss, Annapurna Living

"By the end of our coaching, I found myself saying to my husband, “I had fun in my business this week.” He said he hadn’t heard me talk like that in ages. The asynchronous coaching was exactly what I needed, so much better than scheduled meetings. I could send Mariah my questions when it was convenient for me. I could take in her responses when I I had the time and space, and save them and re-listen later. This workflow was super amenable to balancing my commitments: running my business, writing my next novel, and being a parent."

Mary Adkins, Author + Writing Coach

A trusted advisor as you plot your next move

I work with my private clients on strategy and planning custom to their season of business

  • Transition the delivery of your course, mastermind or high ticket group program to be completely asynchronous support structures (no calls on the calendar, and your clients will love it)
  • Planning your next launch to fit your lifestyle and goals
  • Create “Champagne Client” content outlines that you will use for your pre-launch emails, posts and podcasts/videos
  • Simplify and streamline your product suite to reflect the new era of your business or plan for a big business pivot in the works
  • Get clear on price points, product names and offer structure that fits your lifestyle and goals
  • Create an action plan for taking your cohort-based course and turning it evergreen seamlessly
  • Plan the sunsetting of a program or offer to make room for something new
  • Navigate big changes in your business or team
  • Anything related to offer creation, program delivery design, messaging and positioning, evergreen funnels, launching and of course, sunsetting sales calls from your enrollment process!

Partnerships. Sponsorships. Product lines. New verticals.

I support my clients figuring out "what's next" for the evolution of their business.

  • Brainstorming new avenues for revenue
  • Upleveling their positioning and messaging
  • Navigating pivots, shifts and massive changes
  • Shifting to working much less while maintaining revenue
  • Getting out of the little bubble we’re in and thinking way beyond courses + coaching

From impossible to inevitable.

There’s something unique about working with a consultant who will never think your ideas or desires are too much, too unrealistic or too bold - but instead starts connecting the dots of how you can start moving towards that dream right now with what you have.

  • Wanna downsize and reinvent everything? Do it with someone who's been there.
  • Wanna grow and expand into a new model? We can do that.
  • Wanna write a pitch email so scary it makes you pee your pants? Let's do it.
  • Wanna reimagine everything with no rules? Literally my favorite thing.


The "strategist in your pocket" that you can tap into in real time, as real-life stuff comes up.

You get the "in the moment" support you need and our legacy library of curriculum and resources.

  • Convenient, completely asynchronous support as you need it (so much better than calls!)
  • You can send messages anytime you want, as you're experiencing challenges or working through ideas in real time
  • Convenient conversations at your leisure - no need to add another zoom to your full schedule.
  • Take time to process, reflect and strategize - so you can take action and come back to conversations when you're ready.
  • Mariah responds to texts and voice messaging Tuesday through Thursday
  • Get access to our archive of courses and curriculum

Let's work together

When you're looking for privacy and discretion with an experienced mentor & consultant, there's 2 ways we can work together. Tell me more about your goals, and let's see how I can help you.

4-Hour Asynchronous Virtual Intensive

  • 4-hour virtual intensive
  • Text chat, voice messaging, and reviewing docs/files as needed
  • Sounding board, strategy, and planning

$2,500 for 1 Intensive

12 Weeks of Ongoing Asynchronous Support

  • Ongoing, weekly Async consulting
  • Private channel for communication with Mariah
  • Text chat, voice messaging, and reviewing docs/files as needed
  • Sounding board, strategy, and planning
  • Real-time support & strategy in your pocket
  • Access to all advanced, legacy programs while you're a client

Hey, I'm Mariah 👋

I've been running my online education business since 2015, have served well over 15,000 students and clients over the years. I've created dozens of products and launched more times than I can count.

From 2020-2022, I built my business to $5M+/year revenue, 20 employees, and even won the Inc. 5000 award for the fastest growing companies in America. All the success! I’m super proud of my team and what we created together.

Then last year, I completely restructured my company.

I wanted to create a ton of spaciousness in my schedule, clear my calendar and take some time to experiment and play with new ideas.

I’m just as proud of creating all of that space and calmness (and free time!) as I am of all the big metrics of success.

Restructuring and simplifying my business has helped me think bigger in many ways.

My minimalist approach to my business model has allowed me to amplify my income, create space for massive brand deals, explore revenue streams way beyond just "selling more courses".

It’s like playing chess, not checkers.

I'm doing it all with no big team, just one employee + myself. I can now see all these opportunities for truly leveraged revenue streams and monetizing my assets in new ways (my list, my group, my podcast, my audience, my influence, my curriculum assets, my IP).

Not because I'm running a big complex company with a big team, but because my brain has so much space to make the right moves.

I'd rather sit still for 3 months and make one life-changing deal or decision than be making hundreds of short-term decisions for a cash injection every month 🤯

I'm inviting you to explore what the next evolution looks like for creator-founders like us, together.

We work with smart, mature founders, creators and CEOs - just like you!

“I wanted to say how grateful I am! I turned my investment with you into $2 MILLION in sales and it’s been a life changer. I remember right at the end of the program I posted a photo of a dream house in the group, a few months later we got the exact house I had posted all thanks to a whole lotta course sales! When I tell my husband about investments he’s usually a little skeptical but when I said I wanted to invest with you he was like “DO IT”! Just wanted to say thank you!”

Paige Brunton

“My first 7-figure year. Total revenue: $1,056,927. Profit margin: 52%. Ad spend: 0%. No ads. No sales team. THANK YOU, MARIAH.”

Maya Elious

“I launched my program and reached $100k! We met our goal of 20 clients yesterday with two Pay in Full clients. Coming from low ticket offers, this blows my mind. Not one single sales call or even a request for one. Now I’m celebrating $111,000 in booked revenue for January – all without a single sales call!”

Gwen Lane

"We're applying all we've learned in Mariah's programs in this launch. We've enrolled nearly 500 students already and cart closes this Sunday! Both webinars so far have made 6 figures. Oh, and we hit the 7 figure mark for this calendar year 2 days ago!"

Vanessa Lau

"I've finally been able to start this program that I've been dreaming of for years! And I didn't pack my program with stuff just to make it feel "worth it". I'm really excited to work with my new clients! My first launch brought in $90,000 in sales. There was no way that I would have been able to get launched as quickly with as much ease (and without ANY sales calls) if it wasn't for [this program]."

Scarlett Cochran

"I woke up to the sale that crossed me over the $100,000 mark for my launch. There isn't an emoji for this!"

Elizabeth Goddard

"We're looking at over $125,000 in revenue from this process. Thank you so much Mariah, for helping us raise the price of this program. It was a mindset breakthrough to get to this place. The energy exchange this is real. It feels amazing to actually charge what feels like a fair price for what we're offering."

Jeni & Sandy