Your software 🤝 my content = more happy, successful customers

I collaborate with software companies that serve creators to educate and engage their users, sell more subscriptions and connect the dots between your tech-y features and what your customers really want.


The world's smartest SaaS founders work with me when they're ready for fresh-squeezed ideas 🍋

"Mariah is our secret weapon. We have all the data on what's working in online courses and nothing right now is working even remotely as well as Mariah's playbook. She's the real deal and maybe the most significant voice in the online course space."

Ankur Nagpal, Teachable and Carry

“Before we did a webinar to our audience, we had no idea how many people were in our audience but just waiting for a good reason to jump off the fence and buy! The webinar bonus was the perfect thing to push them over the edge.”

Nathan Barry, ConvertKit

"I love working with Mariah. She's smart, detail oriented, and her personality makes everybody feel good. I partnered with her to help educate skool's users on best practices and she did a killer job. Highly recommend working with her!"

Sam Ovens, Skool

"We're looking at over $125,000 in revenue from this process. Thank you so much Mariah, for helping us raise the price. It was a mindset breakthrough to get to this place. The energy exchange this is real. It feels amazing to actually charge what feels like a fair price for what we're offering."

Jeni Barcelos & Sandy Connery, Marvelous

"Mariah, thank you again for all of your guidance as I created Business Class. I’m so lucky to have had you as a sounding board!"

Sophia Amoruso, Business Class and Trust Fund

I help software companies connect with their customers

We combine your software with custom educational, engaging content to turn your users into big success stories and raving fans

Webinars + Workshops

Attract new users and engage your existing customers with fun + productive webinars and workshops. From 60-minute presentations to 2-day virtual events, we can design the perfect live events to sell more subscriptions and create community.

Customized Curriculum

The more successful your users are with your software, the longer they'll stay and the more they'll tell their friends. I create custom curriculum + resources designed to educate your users how to make the most of your service, from a strategic standpoint.

Collabs + Campaigns

Let's put together a fun and fresh-squeezed marketing campaign to promote your software service to my community of creators. Bespoke campaigns may include workshops, dedicated emails, podcast ads and more.

Hey, I'm Mariah 👋

I'm the voice of your customers (& sort of a mind reader too).

It's a simple formula.

Give your customers the strategy and resources they need to be successful, and the software to implement those strategies with.

But I know as a SaaS company, it's hard to see the label from inside the bottle.

Your obsessed with your product. You love the tech, the features, the backend, the architecture. It's genius, a work of art!

I'm obsessed with your customers. I'm obsessed with them understanding how your software can help them in their daily lives, with things they're already doing.

I'm obsessed with giving them the templates + training they need to easily use your software.

I'm obsessed with showing them a good time and good vibes so they choose your brand over the other one.

I've done dozens of webinars with software companies, I know what offers and education makes them want to sign up.

I've created full on education courses for SaaS platforms to educate their users to increase retention and customer success.

I help you bridge the gap between what your software does, and what your ideal customers really want to get out of it.

We do that through:

  • Educational + engaging webinars where we sell your software
  • Curriculum and resources that make using your software and being successful with it inevitable
  • Virtual events that bring in new customers and make your existing customers proud to say "I've been using them for years!"
  • Campaigns that speak directly to your ideal customers - beyond the features and functions and into the heart of what they really want.

Let's create together

From strategic advisory to hands-on creation of custom assets for that serve your customers and sell more subscriptions, SaaS founders want me in their corner.

Tell me more about your goals and ideas below, and let's see how I can help you.

We ❤️ software platforms that serve creators

If your product provides solutions to course creators, content creators, coaches, business owners and founders - we're a match made in heaven.