8 Ways To Keep Making Consistent Sales After Your Launch

Launching new products is fun. It’s stressful, crazy, and all-consuming - but always fun.

Having those big launches can feel like you’re on top of the wave. It feels good! You’re getting feedback. Sales are rolling in! Woohoo!

The part I don’t like?

The post-launch “dip.”

This is a real thing - people who build and launch products tend to feel a little bummed out after the launch. You have 10-14 crazy successful days - and then it just ends. And that can feel like a bummer.

Not only that - but after your launch, do you know how you’re going to keep making sales?

I’ve lived “launch to launch” before.

It is NOT fun.

Having 5-figure weeks followed by $0 weeks? Not a good feeling.

Not just emotionally, but security and stability wise. You feel anxious - and you’re killing it with launches but missing those reliable, day-to-day sales that keep you going.

Yeah you had a great launch - but what about next month?

Where will your income come from after that big concerted effort that is launching is over? (now imagine me as a crazy old composer in front of a band - that’s what it feels like).

How do you keep making sales after your “launch” is over?

I struggled with this FOR SO LONG.

That’s what we’re talking about today. Mostly because it took me YEARS to figure this shit out. And once I did - I had a peace of mind and stability as an entrepreneur that I NEVER thought I could have.

Financially AND emotionally - I was able to look at my business model and finally say “okay - I think I’ve actually figured this shit out!” and that is an AMAZING feeling for us self-employed people!

Creating a product like a course or digital program is amazing because it’s so versatile and can be profitable in so many ways.

What you have now is an ASSET that you can use again and again.

You can sell it every day, launch it every quarter, bundle it up with other products and make special sales, partner with deal sites for a big promotion, pitch it to other people’s audiences on webinars (where the host is an affiliate) and so much more.


8 Ways to Make Sales After Your Launch

Most people experience a post-launch “slump” in sales, which is totally normal.

You make a big push, you have a big launch, and then things start to even out after a while.

If you have open and closed launches, your product is now closed until next time.

But if you have an evergreen product like a video course, a DIY program, an eBook or something else, you need to have a plan for making consistent sales after your launch.

You can’t exactly “relaunch” an eBook every few weeks.

You have to put the systems in place to keep making sales even after the “I’m talking about this every day for the launch” period.

This is where most people fall flat and forget to plan a solid promotion strategy for consistent sales.

This is what I do to make consistent sales day after day, and even in big “bursts” every few weeks, after the first launch.


1. Webinars

This is one of the absolute best ways to continue making sales of your product after the first launch. You can hold a webinar once a week, or once a month, and pitch your product at the end.

For me, this is the cornerstone of my revenue and marketing plan.

It is where most of my regular sales and post-launch sales come from.

Sometimes, I can make as much in one webinar as I do in an entire email launch!

You can learn exactly how to create, promote and profit from your own webinars in my step-by-step masterclass Webinar Rockstar®

It’s literally everything you need to start killing it with webinars (including tech tutorials, case studies, sample pitches for you to study, EVERYTHING).

If you can only focus on ONE strategy - it has to be webinars.

They are the PERFECT combination of

  • list building

  • revenue and sales

  • and growing your brand and audience

Webinars are really the PERFECT way to continue “launching” your product to small subsets of your audience that opt in for specific webinars (and to make sales to new people outside of your audience too!).

You really can “exhaust” your own audience with email launches too often - but with webinars, you can do joint venture workshops where you actually deliver an awesome workshop, and then pitch your product or service to a completely different audience (with the audience owner as an affiliate!).

You still provide tons of value and information on the webinar even for those who don’t purchase. And you get in front of new people and make sales.

Webinars are my number one sales, list-building, and marketing strategy.

They’ve completed changed how I run my business.

Webinars made a big impact on all my major metrics as soon as I started focusing on them!


2. Add webinars to your email sequence

Once you’ve done a few webinars during your product launch or just to grow your audience, you now have these incredibly valuable assets you can re-purpose in your free email course sequence.

Those recordings, tech tutorials, or other videos that you shared and created become very high-value pieces of content.

I recommend going into your free email course (something we talk about extensively in Your First 1K®) and adding a webinar or two into your email course (as long as they fit within the topic, or expands on the topic and relates to your product).

If you have 3 webinar recordings, you can create a “video series” - which becomes a very high-value way to create a sales funnel that continues to sell your products in a very hands-off way.


3. Use a “webinar” recording as an opt in incentive

Video trainings have high perceived value. Once you have a few webinar recordings, you can actually turn those into very high-value lead magnets.

Video lead magnets are even more effective than PDFs or other downloads.

So turn your webinar replays into “video trainings” and offer them as lead magnets in exchange for an email.

One good thing about this is that if they watch the replay, they will see the “pitch” at the end for your product and be introduced to it that way.

If you want to learn exactly how to deliver a profitable pitch on a webinar - join us in Webinar Rockstar®!

simple passive income sales

It’s a GREAT way to continue making sales day after day.


4. Blog Posts

When you write blog posts, at least half of them (if not all of them!) should mention or promote your products in some way.

The best way to make sales is to continue to talk about your product topic and write valuable content related to it.

If you have two or three products, you can write blog posts related to those categories that mention your product naturally.

For example - I would write most of my blog posts about growing your list, launching your online products, or doing webinars.

Whenever I write a blog post that relates to and links to my products, I see a nice bump in sales that day.


5. Create a course-specific lead magnet based on your launch materials and content

After you launch, you can actually create a lead magnet specifically for your product! This should be content from your launch, a webinar recording or another educational video or download.

This just takes the idea of your lead magnet relating to your product one step further.

This will help you make sales by promoting your product for you when people download the lead magnet.

As an example, see my course-specific lead magnet “The Ultimate Webinar Checklist”.

This isn’t just a lead magnet that relates to my course (like Build a Profitable Blog - which is more general but still mentions my products) it literally is a lead magnet JUST FOR MY PRODUCT!

Every person that signs up is interested in that exact topic, making it a very strong lead magnet.

When you download that lead magnet for Webinar Rockstar®, you get a checklist and the PDF has actual buttons you can click to check out the paid course. Pretty awesome!

6. Email Course

Your free email course should be selling your products day after day on autopilot.

People enter the free email course, go through the series, and then a percentage of them will become customers.

My usual sequence is 7 emails with pitches, value, and preview content strategically placed throughout the series.

I wrote about this process in detail in my post, The Truth About Passive Income, which explains my process for email courses that funnel into paid courses and sell on autopilot.

Your First 1K® shows you exactly how to set this up so that your email course helps you make consistent sales after the launch.


7. Preview training

Many people offer “preview” trainings which are like a sneak peek into the product itself.

This might be a mini-course version of the full course, or a video series, or a small part of the product that gets the potential customer one specific result.

Even giving your customer one small win can go a long way and encourage them to want to get the full results from your product.

This will help you make sales by almost acting like a “free chapter” download. People want to know what the rest of the course will hold - so offering a preview is a really effective way to make sales!

Remember, don’t be afraid of giving away “too much”.

You need to give away your best stuff to attract your customers - and if you know your stuff you’ll have plenty more to share in the paid product.


8. Bundles

I like to offer bundles in order to continue making sales and provide lots of extra value.

The best way to do this is with webinars!

The bundles really are the magic ingredient - they provide double value and increase sales, make your customers super happy, and have genuine urgency (because people can’t usually get two of their favorite products, products + services, or products + software for the price of one!).

I have done bundles as special webinar offers (the most successful way to do these), or you may have seen a big bundle of products all being sold for a discounted price (i.e. you get 10 eBooks from all different people for a special discount, but the bundle is only available for 72 hours).

You can either find one other person to bundle your products with for a special promotion, or you can organize a larger group of contributors for a special themed bundle.  

This is a really smart way to use your asset - your digital product, course, or program - and continue making those sales!

So now, when I look at my calendar I see many opportunities for me to bring in revenue outside of my regular and more spaced apart “big launches”.

Passive Income Secrets


I have tiers of revenue:

First Tier: a few sales per week of my lower priced products (like my eBook Find Your Niche and my Webinar in a Box template)  and a couple sales of my evergreen courses trickle in from my funnels (my free email courses and lead magnets).

Second Tier: Every week I have what I call a mini-launch or “burst” with my webinars. This is where I make more sales than on a daily basis, but less than a full-on launch.

This usually ends up in the $5k - $20k range per week depending on the products, bundle, and price.

Third Tier: The big launches! This is where you make a large portion of your revenue in a short period of time. You’re launching to your entire audience, and it only lasts a few days/weeks and then closes for a few months.


Why this is so important

Instead of making $50k in one week, and then hardly anything for a month - I’m able to bring in CONSISTENT income - which feels AMAZING.

I didn’t used to have that until I started doing this stuff.

 And the biggest part of my consistent income is webinars.

I would think of it like a mini-launch to a small part of your audience (or someone else’s!) that you do every week.

You’re not bombarding the people who weren’t interested - but you’re offering an opportunity for those that opted into and watched the webinar to get a special offer, a bundle, or a bonus.

 And honestly - you need to be promoting that product you worked so hard on.

Getting it into the hands of people who need it.

And making sales for more than just one week every few months!

You are missing out on a lot of potential revenue and sales if you're not using these innovative ways of marketing and promoting your products.

Which of these strategies will you use to make consistent sales after your launch?