How to Get Over Your Evergreen Webinar Mindset Blocks

I love building webinars. But I know most people don’t.

Webinar creation is my happy place. 

I am in a total flow state when I am creating webinar content and I LOVE delivering a killer webinar!

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For me - it’s an art form. :)

But so many of my clients come to me with so much resistance and so many fears about creating and recording their evergreen webinars.

They put it off for days and weeks.

That’s exactly what one of my friends/clients was doing when we talked a few days ago.

She was feeling resistance until I told her what I am telling you in today’s episode of the Mariah Coz Show podcast.

Recording your evergreen webinar is the most profitable, high ROI, leveraged and effective thing you can possibly do for your business in two hours.

It’s the best 2 hours you will EVER spend on your business.

I’m explaining exactly why on the podcast today.

Check it out now here!




  • “I love making webinar slides. It’s like my favorite format to tell a story and make content feel simplified and accessible.” - Mariah

  • “This [recording a webinar] is truly the best thing I can do for my future success.” - Mariah

  • “What other thing can you do for two hours that will be making you money for years and years after?” - Mariah


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