How to do joint venture webinars

Joint venture webinars are one of the fastest ways to grow your email list, your business, and make new friends along the way. 

In this episode of the podcast, we’re sharing the first steps you need to take to get started with joint venture webinars, why they build your authority, and how to choose the right joint venture partners.

Joint venture webinars can be SO fun, and to help get you started, we’ve created the Joint Venture Webinar Tracker to help!


How To Get Started With Joint Venture Webinars:

  • How choosing the right joint venture partner will get you exposed to a new audience (what we call a vertical market partner, not competition).

  • Creating a no-brainer, special bundle with REAL urgency to put your joint venture webinar on steroids.

  • Building relationship with potential partners in your niche and being an expert on how to set it all up so it’s easy for them to say yes!

  • How you can keep track of everything with the Joint Venture Webinar Tracker.

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