Rebuilding My Business: How I Condensed 6 Months Into 30 Days By Keeping It Simple

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I have been head down the last 2 weeks.

I mentioned in my last update , how a little idea spiraled into overhauling pretty much everything in my business

⭐ New website

⭐ New offers

⭐ New content

⭐ New newsletter

⭐ New platforms

⭐ A lot of NEW things!

I’m not going to sugar coat it. It’s a LOT of updates all at once. It’s a big project with many moving pieces.

I’ve pulled a few 10-hour days last week and that is very unusual for me (you can see my normal day to day schedule in my 3-day workweek breakdown video here !)

I’ll be busy this week again as we get everything ready to hopefully go live in a week or so…

But I’ve been able to condense what would normally take someone 6+ months to create, into less than 30 days.

Specifically because I’ve been telling myself every single step of the process: KEEP IT SIMPLE.

Each individual component of this revamp/refresh/relaunch could have easily been a 2-3 month project on its own.

I could have spent 2 months on branding and web design for the new site.

➡️ Instead, I stripped down the branding into the simplest form possible. In this new era, I want my thoughts and ideas to shine through, not fancy visuals. My goal for my site is to be able to edit, update, and adjust it as needed *myself* anytime I want, without needing to call a designer or developer for help. This is a crucial parameter for me. This is why we have moved website platforms (a project in itself!).

➡️Instead of following the traditional website model of having 5-6 individual pages for your services, about page, etc - I developed a format for a 1-page website that does everything I need it to do in one single page (plus a separate page for each product of course). Honestly, who is reading these long multi-page websites anymore? Not me!

I could have spent 3 months researching, planning and launching the newsletter.

➡️Instead, I deconstructed my favorite newsletters to see what made me read them, made a planning doc for the minimum viable version of a newsletter and created all the templates, thank you page, and welcome email in 1 day. I kept the formatting extremely simple - my ideas are the main attraction, not some fancy design layout.

I could have spent another 90 days hemming and hawing about the new offers and pricing.

➡️Instead, I reverse engineered our goals and how I want to spend my days into 2 core offers that are profitable, that serve all levels of my clients, that lead into each other seamlessly and are fun to deliver.

We’re also introducing new 1:1 consulting packages and a whole new revenue stream - sponsorships 😯

➡️Instead of overstuffing those offers with tons of fluff to seem “valuable”, I am listening to our customer feedback and leaning into “less is more”. We will help you get results in the simplest, fastest way possible. Making the format convenient, easily searchable and quick to consume.

My mastermind is a great example of that - you have me in your backpocket for personal, direct feedback whenever you need it during the week. You can just send me a voice message or text and you can get answers and insight right away, without waiting another week for a zoom call. Simple and wildly more effective!

We have room for a few more founders in the mastermind - learn more and apply here today (the next 3 people to pay in full get a 1:1 bonus intensive with me!).

I could have spent a few months batching new content for the blog/newsletter/podcast and not allowed myself to launch until I was “ahead”

➡️Instead, I developed a new system that will allow me to take a single idea and turn it into the 4 core content formats we’ll be focused on in a streamlined, efficient way (Email > Podcast > Blog Post > Distribution).

I’m never starting from scratch - each week I can go into my database of 250+ content ideas, choose one, pop it into my template doc and start creating. I’m not starting from scratch each week thinking “hmm, what should I do this week for content?”

➡️Instead of trying to share the “longest” content, I’m going to be sharing the most actionable, implementation focused content with you each week. If you can implement a simple concept or strategy or optimization in 10 minutes a week that will *actually* move the needle, that’s more powerful than a 30-page guide that takes a week to read through.

It took me a long time to realize this. Honestly it’s easier for me to write a 20-page dissertation on the entirety of a subject than it is to share just one, small, specific piece of it that you can implement right away. But I’m focused on helping you, and that means keeping it actionable and short!

There’s a lot about this brand + business re-launch that I could have easily put off as “eh, let’s ease into it. Let’s soft launch and then add those things later”.

Especially some of the offers you’ll see on the new site - one in particular, I have been telling myself “we’ll launch that in 6 months” for like 3 years now!!

And I just decided, “You know what? This is happening. I can’t say that I wish people would hire me to do X and then not actually open the door to those opportunities coming in!!”

So I’m putting in the work, building out the systems to allow people to raise their hand and say “Yes, I’d like to hire you for this. Yes, we want to sponsor your podcast. Yes, we want to pay you to teach our customers.”

Going from idea to reality in a number of weeks, with projects that legitimately could have taken 6+ months or more under other circumstances, has been thrilling. I feel like I’ve tested the limits of how simple things can be.

You know I LOVE “Creative Constraints” - I believe innovation comes from that place of restraint. The most brilliant ideas come from having limited time and resources and just figuring it out!

I’ve learned some valuable lessons through this process.

  • Stop overcomplicating things. Strip it down to the bare minimum because that is actually more strategic and effective than all the fluffy stuff you think you need to be successful.

  • 80% of the time it’s taking you is just indecision - so just decide and move on. You can change it later. You can either daydream or make moves. No one is going to push you, you need to make it happen for yourself.

  • Use Parkinson’s Law to your advantage. If you give yourself 6 months to do something, it will take that long. If you give yourself 30 days, I am *sure* you can make 80% of your ideas happen in 20% of the time!

It’s funny how this process has been helping me guide my 1:1 and mastermind clients, too. So many of them are pivoting, re-branding, and building new verticals - and we’re able to help them make huge progress in weeks instead of months.

All of these templates, documents, and resources I’m creating for myself and my own systems will be added to my membership over time as I polish them up too.

Next week, if the tech all cooperates, we’ll have a new website, newsletter, freebies, content and fun things for you next week. Fingers crossed! 🤞

I will keep you updated here through every step of the process.

Make sure you’re subscribed to my emails and I’m in your primary folder so you don’t miss the next update and the big announcements!

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