Letter to New Business Owners + Entrepreneurs In Year One: Everything Gets EASIER

Hey there business owner. 

If it’s your first year, things are probably looking crazy for you right now.

Keeping up with blogging, creating products AND marketing? PSHHH

Trying to figure out all the tech stuff that literally makes no sense AND there’s a hundred and one options AND they all claim to be the best but most of them have deal breakers? UGH

Everyone’s telling you that you need to be A/B testing, holding webinars, increasing your conversions, blah blah blah and you’re just like WTF MAN I’M TRYING MY BEST! I JUST WANT TO MAKE IT THROUGH THIS WEEK DAMMIT.

Business is tough. Even when you think you have all the experience you need. I had a bit of a freak out the other night because I had been going in circles all day trying to figure out some dumb little tiny detail (code related) that I just couldn’t make work! Happens to the best of us. 

But I want to tell you that it gets EASIER. 


Every time that you put in place a system, spend a little bit of time automating something, or spend a little bit of money to make something run smoother for you, it gets easier. 

And your experiences - compounded one after another - will start to make what feels IMPOSSIBLE to understand today into second-nature, muscle-memory, do-it-in-your-sleep habits tomorrow. 

I know because when I look back I can see how much this has happened for me in my business. 

The other day I was busy setting up a multi-tiered affiliate program, managing my products with multiple pricing structures, affiliate payouts, and scheduling launches months in advance. This stuff would have been like a foreign language to me a few years ago. 

I’m managing multiple websites, each with their own products, services, and affiliate channels, and I stopped and realized how much I had learned and grown since I started with all this stuff.

How things that once seemed totally impossible and not worth figuring out (ugh, the tech stuff that I used to hate) now just feel so EASY.


Then you get to a place where even your super tech-nerdy boyfriend doesn’t have any idea what you’re talking about when you try to describe how your software, API keys, header code, and cart buttons all work together. Funny how that happens. 

Not overnight, but it happens. 

All the stuff that feels SO COMPLICATED and SO FAR AWAY will totally become natural and easy for you when the time is right. 

The key is taking it one step at a time. 

Just one little thing at a time, then you can build on that. 

You start with just one website, with a single product, and you figure out the basics of how to inject some code and make it all look nice. 

Then you add another product. Then, a while later, an affiliate program. So you learn how to set that up. 

Then you find this cool new feature you want to add to your site, because you see it working for other people, so you learn how to do that one small thing. 

You decide to automate something by signing up for a service that lets you frontload your work - whether that’s automating Social Media with Buffer or marketing and communication with Automation and autoresponders.

But you don’t have to do it all at once.

Then, before you know it, all that A/B split testing, conversion optimization, blogging, marketing, and everything else - it all makes sense.

Because it’s all part of a system that you’ve figured out for yourself, that you’ve built over time. Building on your foundation experiences from when you had one website with one paypal button and you weren't even sure if it would actually work (yep - guilty!).

It all feels easier. It’s suddenly not super overwhelming and scary, it’s just the next natural step for you and your business. 

So, believe me when I say it gets easier. If you feel like starting your own business is overwhelming, scary and frustrating - you’re so not alone.

Just focus on one thing at a time, baby.

Don’t get nervous about ten steps ahead - just focus on what you’re doing TODAY. And it all falls into place.