Program Name Update: From Profit Architecture to Monetize and Back to Profit Architecture Again

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TL;DR: Profit Architecture is our all-access-pass bundle program that includes all of our curriculum, resources, and legacy programs. Monetize is an individual course included inside of Profit Architecture. 

We’ve been on a journey the last year as we launched Profit Architecture in 2023, a comprehensive and all-inclusive bundle of our legacy programs and curriculum in one package. Then when we combined Monetize with the Profit Architecture bundle this year, we repositioned everything under the Monetize name to be the “umbrella” name for the new bundle of both. 

However, we realized this caused some confusion. So we are making an update:

⭐ The Monetize bundle is now called “Profit Architecture” once more! YAY!

Get on the waitlist for Profit Architecture here. 

➡️“Profit Architecture” = the program name for the all-access-pass bundle offer that includes all of our courses and resources, including Evergreen Engines®, High Ticket Hybrid, Champagne Client Content, Map Your Model, Monetize, and everything else. More importantly, the outcome is building the entire ecosystem of low ticket, self-study to high ticket offers that flow together, live launches and evergreen funnels that amplify each other, and truly becoming the architect of a hybrid education business custom to YOU. 

➡️“Monetize” = an individual course in the program, all about how to build a subscription recurring revenue offer. It is available inside Profit Architecture.

In this episode I’m sharing the decision to make this name change *back* to the original Profit Architecture title, lessons learned from this, where I’ve messed this up before (oops!) and my advice for you on how to manage having multiple programs, bundles, offers and more with evolving names over time. 

In this episode:

  • The journey from Profit Architecture to Monetize to Profit Architecture and why Profit Architecture is more than just a name
  • Working through my feelings of embarrassment around making this “mistake” twice now
  • My experience with evolving program names, bundle names, and how to keep it clear
  • Trusting my intuition even when people are telling you to do something else
  • Why abdicating decisions never works (so annoying, right?)
  • My advice for how to handle having multiple program names, evolving names, bundles, when to use a new program name vs. keep it the same, and more

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