How My Clients Make $10k- $60k per Month Selling Their Online Courses With an Evergreen Sales Funnel

Over the last year, I’ve been in “evergreen funnel” mode with my clients. It’s all funnels, all the time! We’ve built dozens and dozens of evergreen funnels with our clients!

Using my simple but strategic evergreen funnel system, our clients are making anywhere from $10K to $60K a month on autopilot… and one of my clients (who’s been working with us for just about a year) just had a $78K month from her totally automated sales funnel!

That means that she made $78K of automated passive income (after putting in the hard work to set up her funnel, of course).

Evergreen Sales Funnels

Evergreen funnels are the ultimate goal of every course creator. Whether you’re just starting out with online courses or you’ve launched a dozen times...the end goal for you is consistent, sustainable revenue through your online courses.

You want sales coming in every month, every week, every day! And many of our clients are seeing daily sales with their evergreen sales funnels.

If you know you’re ready to go evergreen with your course and start making sales on autopilot, my Evergreen Engines™ course is the perfect investment for you.

By the time you’ve turned on your evergreen funnel, you’ve probably been through a few successful launches, you’ve built out an amazing series of emails, and you’ve probably got a great, highly converting webinar that you’ve delivered live a few times.

Evergreen sales funnels are great because they bring in automated, passive income that you can count on every single week.

These strategies are simple and effective - they just WORK. Here’s what some of my clients have done in just the last few weeks:

💻 Made 5 sales of a $600 course with only 120 opt-ins

📱 Had sales coming in every single day (of a $400 course for programmers)

🎉 Made their first ever automated funnel sale - while they were traveling!

Make Funnel Sales on Holiday Passively
Sell more online courses with a sales funnel
Make Sales Funnels

Evergreen funnels might seem super complicated, but they’re really simple.

Our clients are doing SIX things to build out their successful evergreen funnels.

Want to learn what those six things are? Check out the video below to learn more 👇


Are you ready to sell more courses (and make more money) every single day?

Sell Online Courses Passively
Make 10k with an online course evergreen sales funnel

There are two ways I can help YOU build your own evergreen sales funnel:

  1. Watch this training on Evergreen Engines and I’ll tell you more about the course. There’s no application for this program so go check it out!

  2. We can work together more closely in my high-touch, group coaching program the Accelerator, which you can check out and apply for here.

I can’t wait to help you build your own evergreen sales funnel system!

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