Becca’s Six-Figure Evergreen Sales Funnel

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Today on the podcast I’m talking to Becca Tracey of The Uncaged Life!

Becca is a SUPER STAR. 

She’s been launching and re-launching her signature program, Uncage Your Business, for over four years.

Before Becca came to the Accelerator, she launched two times a year. She was making multi-six-figures, but if a launch ever tanked, she’d be screwed!

That’s what brought Becca to the Accelerator. Together, we built a six-figure evergreen funnel that has added over $100,000 to her business.

Now Becca was SUPER hesitant to go evergreen. I’m pretty sure she looked at me like I was crazy when I first suggested it.

She was convinced that no one would buy on evergreen and that the people who did wouldn’t be able to get the same results as those that did the live program.

Spoiler: she was wrong ;) 

This podcast is an amazing listen for anyone who’s ever thought, “I can’t POSSIBLY turn my course evergreen.”

In it, we break down exactly how Becca built her six-figure funnel: both the technical aspects of how she put it together and, more importantly, the mindset work Becca needed to do to get into the headspace for her funnel to work.

Listen in below!

“I’ve been pretty much traveling solid for five months and not working. So I was like, ‘Well, I wonder how much it’s been bringing in.’ And [it’s been] bringing in an average of 12 grand a month.”

  • Becca Tracey

Here’s what Becca had to say about her six-figure funnel:

“Hey, I’m Becca! I’m the head honcho over at The Uncaged Life where I work with solopreneur businesses (lots of life coaches and health coaches!) to help them learn how to get clients online and start a business that works. I’ve had my business for about 8 years now!

I have been launching the same program (my Uncage Your Business program) for about 4 years, and have had several 6 figure launches in the past few years.

And for the past 2 years, that was the ONLY thing I was selling in my business. I love the launch model -- it lets me work hard a few times a year, and the travel and enjoy life the rest of the time.

BUT -- it seemed kinda silly that I didn’t have ANYTHING for people to buy in between my live launches. If someone new found me online, I had to tell them to wait for 6 months before they could buy anything from me -- not smart!

My biz was making multiple 6 figures, but with just two launches a year. If a launch ever tanked, I’d be screwed! And that was kinda scary.

So I joined the Accelerator to help fill that gap.

I took the Accelerator with the plan to create a whole new course -- I just had no idea what that would be!

My business was already making multiple 6 figures a year, and I had already created my signature Uncage Your Business program that sells out every round.

I hesitated to even join the Accelerator because I REALLY didn’t want to do the work to create and launch a new course (it’s a LOT of work!). I didn’t need help creating the actual course content (I have that on lockdown after 8 years in business), but I did need some fresh ideas and strategy for how a new course would play into my current business.

But it all felt like a lot of work, and my business was already working well, so did I really need anything new?!

However, I did know that I needed something to fill the gaps between my launches. So I jumped in because I was curious to see what Mariah would suggest.

I had been hesitant about creating ANYTHING evergreen because I had done it in the past and didn’t have a marketing strategy for it, so it kinda just sat there on my website and collected dust.

When Mariah suggested that I just turn my signature program Uncage Your Business into my evergreen, I kinda freaked out!

My program involves LOTS of live calls and feedback directly from me, which is why it gets such great results for my students. Taking ME out of it kinda freaked me out!

So we came to a compromise and decided I would turn UYB into evergreen AND also still do my two live launches a year.

I was still kind of convinced that no one would buy it on evergreen -- my audience is all new business owners who really need a lot of hand holding and feedback. I kind of felt like just giving them my content with no access to ME for support was doing them a disservice.

Mariah totally called me out on this one, and reminded me that it’s not like we were going to pretend there was live support included and then not include it -- it was very clear from the sales page that this was a SELF STUDY course. We were not being sneaky in any way and if someone wanted to buy the course as a self study, they knew that’s exactly what they were going to get.

So I stopped trying to make this decision for my clients, and instead went ahead with it and decided to let THEM decide if they wanted to buy it as a self study. (Though I was still convinced that no one would buy, or that they would, but the course would suck without the support and no one would get results.)

And guess what -- not only have people been buying my  course on evergreen, they have been getting amazing results and loving it! Phew!

Since I had been running the course already live for 4 years the content was super dialed in, so of course it worked for evergreen! I have definitely learned to trust myself more after this experience.

It’s been so great having income coming in between launches.

We are still in a learning phase to see how the evergreen affects the live launches. We have also added an upgrade so anyone who did the self study and wants to join us live can do that!

I loved Mariah’s strategy of having the LTO offer after opt-in.

I had several opt-ins on my website already for how to find your niche and a checklist for your first 3 months of business, but they were just leading to email sequences for my live class with a link to the waitlist… but sometimes the next round wasn’t for another 4-6 months!

So adding an LTO to my current opt-ins was a great way to use assets I already have and use them to actually make sales NOW instead of in 6 months.

I also loved that this forced me to create a webinar! I hate sitting down to do stuff like that, so I am so happy it’s recorded and should be good to go for at least the next year or so!

If you have a biz already and are running live program or are full to the brim with one on one clients, and if you’ve been resistant to evergreen like I was, I would definitely recommend the Accelerator to help you get over it and get a course out there for your audience!

Even if it is only a small part of your business, it’s a nice boost between your other revenue streams and such a great way to help more people who maybe can’t afford to pay for your higher end services!”

We are so excited for Becca and her progress!

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