My Low-Key, "Lazy" Launch Plan and Launch Diary Update

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In this episode, I am sharing my low-key, “lazy” launch plan for my new product launch and inviting you to follow along with my launch diary - which will be updated live inside my Creator Party community throughout this launch!
The Creator Party community is the #1 club for creators monetizing their businesses with content, community and creative digital products like courses, paid subscriptions, and more. 
In this episode, I discuss:
  • Why I want to model the simplest, most low-key launch possible in a world of huge “Hollywood” level launches and big name gurus one-upping each other
  • A little sneak peek at my new program launching soon (more details coming in the next episode!)
  • The messy first phase of launch planning when everything is all over the place, and how we bring that together into a real plan
  • What I am not doing for this launch that we’ve all been taught we must do (I’m ditching sales pages, GASP!)
  • The few things I am focusing on to make this launch a success
  • How the price point of your offer can impact the launch strategies you focus on
  • Why it’s harder to keep it simple than it is to “add all the things” that don’t even move the needle
  • How to follow along each step of the way with live updates from me on the Launch Diary post in the Creator Party group
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