All The Details About My New Product, "Monetize With Mariah"

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In this episode, I am sharing all the details about my upcoming product “MONETIZE” with Mariah. I’m sharing the audio from my new product tour, and a little behind the scenes details too.

I highly recommend you watch the full video in the Creator Party group here, and ask your questions on that thread!

In this episode:

  • What my new product + program + community experience includes
  • Showing you exactly what’s inside (no surprises!)
  • Revealing the pricing (super accessible!)
  • Showing you the platform it’s built on, Skool, which you actually get a free account *included* when you join Monetize with Mariah
  • The launch dates (we’ll have special bonuses available for anyone who joins between Sept 11 - Sept 14)
  • The launch bonuses (a live group mastermind call with me, and a launch debrief!)

Inside the community, you can unlock premium courses by being part of the conversation.

You earn points by contributing to the community to unlock access to courses about:

💰 Monetizing your content as a creator with paid communities and online courses

💎 Maintaining a diamond-sharp CEO mindset

🗓️ Planning your revenue and audience growth as a course creator

📝 Content marketing templates for your videos, podcasts, emails and posts that attract perfect fit customers

⭐ Launch debriefs, exclusive workshops, and so much more!

Thank you to our sponsor and partner, Skool!

This group is brought to you by Skool - the community platform for creators. If you’d like to learn more and see it in action and how we use Skool, join our Creator Party community today.

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