How I Plan My Workweek & Schedule (Part 1)

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In this episode and video, I’m sharing a detailed breakdown of how I structure and plan my work weeks and schedule as a business owner and creator. This is Part 1 of a 2-Part series showing you my unique approach to planning my months > weeks > days and how I manage my tasks without any “productivity apps”. 

I’m walking you through my Google Doc system for managing my day to day tasks and projects, as a tiny team built for independent work. 

I highly recommend you watch the video showing the full walkthrough, but we’ve also made the audio available on the podcast. 

In this video:

  • Why I aim to work 3 to 4 days a week
  • My “anti-schedule” approach to my work week that is all about creating space for energizing work
  • Walk through 3 months of my schedule day-to-day over my shoulder (watch the video!)
  • Why I don’t use any productivity apps, and how I set everything up in Google Docs
  • What a launch week looks like vs. a regular workweek
  • Why I don’t really have an ideal schedule
  • How I build out my months > weeks > days on the calendar

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