Answering Your Questions About My Workweek & Schedule (Part 2)

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In this episode, I’m answering your questions about how I plan my schedule and structure my workweek as a creator and business owner. This is Part 2 of a 2-Part series showing you my unique approach to planning my months > weeks > days and how I manage my tasks without any “productivity apps”.
I’m answering all your follow up questions about how I get through the boring tasks, how I plan for low-energy seasons, and more!
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In this episode:
  • My “must-do” tasks for the week
  • My top 3 priorities every week
  • How I balance structured work and spontaneous ideas
  • How I translate the Map Your Model practice into my monthly, weekly and daily actions
  • How to plan around low energy seasons in your business
  • My thoughts on if newer business owners can have 3-4 day workweeks and be successful
  • How to build in buffer for reactive tasks that pop up
  • How my schedule changes seasonally
  • If I use any apps or tools to be more “productive” (hint: I don’t)
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