5 Best Passive Income Ideas (That Aren't Online Courses)

With all the types of passive income out there, we’re going to give the 5 BEST passive income ideas that aren’t online courses (even though we love those). 

We’ll go through each passive income idea and give you a ton of examples so you can get brainstorming on which one you want to create! 


 The 5 Best Passive Income Ideas:

  1. A workbook for planning, documenting, budgeting, or accomplishing a project is a simple to create and fast to deliver digitally!

  2. A design template for graphics, websites, stock photos, etc.

  3. A copy template or script for pitches, emails, website copy, book proposals, etc.

  4. A spreadsheet, calculator, or tracker for planning, tracking progress, or crunching numbers!

  5. A tech tutorial teaching out to use a software.

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