Payment Plans vs. Subscriptions and Monthly Memberships

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In this episode, I’m sharing why we chose to go with a subscription type pricing structure for our new offer, Monetize, (subscription meaning you can sign up, cancel anytime, come back anytime) rather than the typical payment plan or pay in full options.

In this episode:

  • Why we chose to create Monetize as a monthly subscription
  • The simple subscription offer I was designing *before* Monetize became a thing, to give you an example
  • My fears and hesitations around a subscription vs. payment plan structure
  • How I think it will impact revenue, for better or for worse
  • How embracing simplicity and enoughness changed my perspective on what a subscription had to look like
  • How a subscription type offer fits in with my vision for my evolving ecosystem of various offers
  • Certain types of offers make sense as a subscription and some don’t
  • The 3 specific things I’m focusing on to make this subscription a success
  • Answering your biggest questions about subscription offers

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