What Really Happened in 2022 (Full Year In Review!)

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In this episode, Mariah recaps the wild ride of 2022 - as she describes it, “The weirdest year in business yet.” This was one of the most confusing, unclear, up and down years in business and Mariah shares the behind the scenes of navigating all the challenges that come with running an online course and high ticket group program business. Full of real-talk “failures” (launches that didn’t go as planned) and huge celebratory wins (Inc5000, woo!), this year led to lots of reflecting on where we’re been the last 7 years, and where we are going in the future. Listen here for the whole story!
In this episode, we discuss:
  • How we overhired going into 2022 expecting to continuing growing at the same pace as 2020-2021
  • Why we launched the Fearless CEO Accelerator in February 2022 … and then what happened that caused us to decide to switch back to High Ticket Hybrid (and how I feel about it now)
  • Why we launched a downsell offer in 2022 for folks who weren’t quite ready for High Ticket Hybrid, and lessons learned about what your customers need vs. what they want
  • What we did when our mid-year virtual event didn’t go as planned, and how it freed me to experiment with new things and get out of a mindset funk I had been stuck in
  • The realization I had about my 2-year reinvention cycle and how I had been resisting big shifts in my business 
  • How my perspective shifted as the “post” pandemic life evolved and the big changes that started brewing
  • The experiments and fun things we did in 2022 
  • The surprising reaction I had to our Inc5000 award and recognition, and what it sparked for me in terms of next steps for our company (probably not what you’d expect!)
  • Navigating big team changes with intention and pausing first rather than hiring in a rush
  • Where we landed at the end of 2022 and what I’m thinking about as we head into 2023!

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