The Simple Strategies I’m Focusing On In 2023

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In this episode, Mariah breaks down her plans, goals and focus for 2023. You’ll hear all the behind the scenes of what we are planning to focus on in terms of sales strategies, marketing, product suite developments, and more. Mariah reveals her core “creative constraints” of 2023 - her parameters for deciding what strategies we will focus on and why. You’ll hear lots of insights into the marketing and sales trends of 2023 for course creators, coaching programs, and digital product CEOs. Hear all about where we’re at today, what we’re working with, and where we’re going. 
In this episode, we discuss:
  • Where I’m starting from in 2023 - a small team, all our updated programs, and a couple of bite-sized digital products
  • Embracing the slow season “turtle pace” of winter and not pushing or hustling right now
  • “Asynchronous Everything” and why I’m optimizing for a clear and spacious calendar above all else this year
  • The difference between “teaching” seasons and “coaching” seasons and the cycle of going deep and wide depending on your energy
  • How we’re eliminating complexity in the business this year
  • My plan for focusing on relationship marketing and collaborations this year instead of social media and paid ads
  • Doubling down on the podcast and email newsletter community and leaning into a “back to basics” content strategy
  • Product suite and program ideas for 2023 - from accessible low ticket digital products, to a new program with a totally fresh delivery design, and some sneak peeks at what masterminds could look like this year
  • The key funnels we’re focused on this year and how they work together with our product suite of offers
  • Sales systems and launch strategies I’m thinking about for 2023

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