The Truth About 7-Figure Coaches & Course Creators (AKA: The Equilibrium Training)

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In this episode, we are sharing a special training that we originally published as part of one of our paid events. This crucial training shares what is contributing to coach and course creator burnout right now, and how to make some simple but important shifts to your marketing TODAY to reduce the overwhelm. Even the most successful coaches and course creators can get burnt out and overwhelmed. Coaches have been leading and serving through the challenges of the last few years and none of us are the same people we were 3 years ago. In this personal “real talk” session, Mariah shares the behind the scenes of shifts we’ve implemented as a business to simplify to scale. Think of this session like a “State Of The Union” with insights you won’t find anywhere else. Mariah talks about core concepts such as Equilibrium, building a Framework-Based-Business, and The Commoditization and Commodification of coaching and courses. 

In this episode, we discuss:

  • What’s happening with coaches and course creators right now behind the scenes (comparisonitis, complexity, burnout, fatigue and more)
  • The commoditization and commodification of coaches and courses and what to do about it
  • Shifts we’ve made in our business to simplify and stay ahead of the curve
  • Simple shifts to your marketing you can implement immediately and will make a huge impact on how you talk about your offers right now
  • How to know if you’ve turned yourself as a “person” into a “product” and what to do about it
  • What is a “Framework-Based Business” and how you can shift towards a more sustainable course & coaching business

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