3 Types Of Courses, Products and Programs That Are Selling Right Now

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Everyone wants to know what is actually selling *now* when it comes to courses.

"Are courses still selling as well as they used to?"

"Are people still investing in higher ticket programs?"

"What types of digital products are the most profitable?"

The benefit of working with hundreds of clients in every niche you can imagine, is that I always have a pulse on what's actually working right now. I've been behind the scenes of thousands of course + content businesses, so I have a unique perspective on what's really going on!

Yes, there are certain delivery formats and structures that people are looking to buy right now.

I'm going to break it down into the 3 types of offers I help my clients create, launch and sell on evergreen:

  • Digital products

  • Self study courses

  • High ticket programs

Courses still selling

I'll give real examples of exactly what type of positioning, packaging and structure are working for each category.

I want you to create absolutely irresistible products and programs that people cannot wait to buy because they are SO valuable.

No more fluff, no more boring basic stuff, no more creating things nobody even wants.

You need to create products that align with what the market is buying in 2024, and I've got you covered.

If you want every single template, tool, training, script and strategy for creating and selling your own courses and programs, join us in Monetize when the doors open soon.

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#1: The Hyper Specific Tool or Template (Digital Product) 🎯

😫The problem: People need one hyper specific solution to the problem they are facing right this moment. When someone is experiencing this "one annoying issue", they actually won't opt for the "comprehensive course" when they want to spend less than an hour solving this one particular thing. They want to get to the point, ASAP.

🤩The solution: Offer a tool or template that you actually use yourself to make your own life or business easier. People want a tool or template, not a bunch of videos in this case. Give it to them in a format that is all about action. Less "learning", more "doing".


➡️ Examples:

  • Customer service canned responses for responding to emails specific to your industry

  • The word for word script you use to call local vendors and ask them to sponsor your in person events, in a Google doc with the follow up email you always send

  • The spreadsheet you used to organize your home renovation and all its moving pieces - vendors, materials, costs, and timelines

  • The canva graphics you use to create Pinterest pins and recipe graphics for food bloggers

  • The airtable base you use to organize your entire content publishing pipelines from idea to draft to published (oh wait, that one is included inside Monetize 😉)


A simple digital product does not need to be a full course, it's a small tool or template that solves a specific problem. When you package and position it well, your customers will pay $20-$200 for just that one thing.

You probably already have this type of product sitting in your files because you're using it yourself, but you need to learn to package it up, create a sales page for it, launch it with strategic emails and social posts, and then sell it on evergreen.

That's what you'll do in Monetize 😂

#2: The All Access Pass (Signature Self Study Online Course) 📑

😫The problem: If you have a body of work that includes multiple offers and programs you've built over the years, people don't want to pick and choose what they need and have to decide between 10 different things. Decision fatigue kills sales!

If you have a digital product shop with dozens of products in it, people feel completely overwhelmed with browsing through it all and that leads to freezing up and clicking away without buying anything.

🤩The solution: Sell a bundle of all of your courses, programs, curriculum and templates in ONE streamlined all-access offer. You can either structure it as a subscription or as a signature course with a set timeframe like 12 months access. It makes your bundle a total no brainer!

You can charge anywhere from $300-$3,000+ for your all access bundle depending on the value of what's included and how you structure it. You can add some optional bonuses or exclusive products that are only available as part of the bundle to sweeten the appeal.

We know this works because this one type of "all access" course offer was the highest revenue generating product for us in the last year!

➡️ Example:

This is exactly how the new Monetize program is structured! It's your all access pass to ALL of our premium courses and curriculum all integrated and simplified in one place, for a no-brainer bundle price compared to what it would be to purchase each one individually.

It includes the very best from all of the courses I've ever built: Monetize, Evergreen EnginesⓇ, High Ticket Hybrid, Champagne Client Content Kit, Virtual Event Blueprint, Low Ticket Lead Gen, all the best of Webinar RockstarⓇ, Your First 1KⓇ and more.


Consider how you could package up all of your courses or all of your digital products into one ultimate bundle and create a new, unique program that ties them all together under one roof. If you have a body of work made up of multiple programs and products like I do, this is a fabulous choice and your audience will love being able to get everything in one place.

We teach you how to do all this in Monetize, specifically in our Evergreen EnginesⓇ program included in the bundle!

#3: The Async Hybrid (High Ticket Program or 1:1) 📲

😫The problem: People are tired of zoom calls. "I don't have time" is going to be the biggest objection from your highest level champagne clients, way more so than price right now. The client you'll be working with in your highest priced offer isn't value shopping, but they are *very* busy and have limited time and a full schedule already.

Your highest level clients absolutely want higher touch support... They just need it in a new format. This means you need a way to support your clients in a high touch capacity while fitting into their busy schedule (and yours!)

🤩The solution: The good news is, what works better for your highest level advanced clients also works better for your clear and spacious calendar goals!

You can work with your top clients by being there when they actually need support through text and voice messaging. We use slack for this because it has the best search, organization and transcripts. I can voice chat with my clients back and forth, send messages, answer their questions, look at their docs and links, and provide actual high touch consulting and coaching without live calls.

Give your high ticket clients access to all of your curriculum as a foundation, and then support them more personally (either 1:1 or group) with asynchronous messaging and chats throughout the week (or on predetermined scheduled days).

Courses still selling

Offering an "async hybrid" either as a group program or 1:1, with access to your curriculum, is the best way to support your premium, most advanced clients looking for the top tier option. You can charge anywhere from $500-$5k+ per month for this depending on the structure and your ideal client, if it's group vs. 1:1, etc.

➡️ Examples:

My mastermind and private 1:1 consulting are both async hybrid experiences. The mastermind is the group option and the 1:1 is a totally private channel for just me and my client. We also include access to our most advanced curriculum reserved for our highest level clients.

We know this works because we enrolled over $60k+ of absolute dream clients in just the last few weeks with this specific type of high touch offer...without adding any calls to my calendar.

Monetize includes the updated High Ticket Hybrid curriculum with trainings on going more async with your offers to better meet your clients needs in today's market.

Async Support

Turn The Course You Have Into The Course Your Audience Wants 💓

Of course, if you are creating a brand new offer from scratch, you can use the principles above to craft something new that people will love and buy. We can help you with the guidance and tools inside Monetize .

But the beauty of these offers is that if you already have a product, course or program created, you don't need to throw it away and start over! Not at all! You can absolutely use the curriculum and content you've already created, with a few small shifts to reposition it for what people are looking for right now.

  • You can make a few simple tweaks to the packaging, positioning, and delivery of your offers.

  • You can pull together your core offers or separate digital products into a more all-access pass solution

  • You can mine your courses and programs for some high-value digital product tools or templates to sell on their own

  • You can adjust the way you support your high level clients to incorporate more asynchronous options

  • You can review your offer suite and make profitable, simple but effective pivots to make sure what you're selling is actually serving your champagne clients every step of their journey

We help you do all of that in Monetize !

We cover the whole process, A to Z, for any type of digital education offer - from simple digital products, to signature self study courses, to higher end programs with more support elements.

Market Research ➡️ Validating + Pre-selling ➡️ Creating A Profitable Offer (Digital Product, Course or Program) ➡️Launching Your Product ➡️ Creating The Evergreen Funnel ➡️ Advanced Revenue Growth Strategies (Upsells, Flash Sales, Virtual Events, and more)

You can apply this process to create a profitable product in any niche. We work with people who teach dance, music, novel writing, baby sleep methods, watercolor, pickleball, etc - and of course business topics too.

Monetize opens for enrollment very soon!

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