Selling Your Own Courses vs. Selling Other People’s Stuff

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I realized something this past week.

I've been doing you a disservice.

In my attempt to not fall into the "guru" pile of being another one of those annoying people online yapping about how great having an online course business is - I often completely downplay how freaking great having an online course business is compared to other options 😁

I never want to minimize the fact that building any type of business takes time, effort and hard work - and that includes creating + selling online courses and digital products.

I never want to be the person telling you it's going to be so easy and you'll be making millions in your sleep in 2 weeks time and never have to work again (sorry, that's just not reality!)

But I realize I sometimes go so far the other way - that I forget to share that, yes, although 10% of it is hard and challenging, the other 90% of it is WOW, AMAZING, "I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS IS MY LIFE" GOOD.

I've been doing this for almost 10 years now, and maybe a little part of me even started taking it for granted a little bit?

Like in all the day to day bustle, a little part of me forgot just how INCREDIBLE what this little business has allowed me to create in my life (and for thousands of my clients). The free time, the friendships, the fulfillment, the control over my schedule, the financial side, putting my health and my relationships first as a policy.

I feel like I haven't done a good job sharing all the good things, as I've been so focused on making sure you know that building a business isn't just rainbows and glitter all the time.

I realized, I haven't told you everything…

❤️ Like how running a simple, minimalist course + digital product business allowed me to take over 4 months off last year…and still make 7-figures

❤️ Like how I took my dream European vacation, staying in the most beautiful top rated hotels in the world, and didn't have to post about it on social media to make sales, so I could just enjoy the moment totally off the grid

❤️ Like how I can work a 3-day workweek, usually less than 15-20 hours a week, and still meet my personal take home and revenue goals

❤️ Like how I can splurge on front-row tickets to all of my favorite bands and travel to wherever they're playing to see them live

❤️ Like how I was able to take 4 days off and check into a luxe resort directly in the line of totality to go see the eclipse this week on a whim, because the weather looked good

Look, I know selling courses and digital products online can get a bad rap.

There's a lotta fluff floating around out there, and I've definitely been burned myself too.

It can be tempting to think, maybe another business model would be easier?

So I explored a lot of these other options over the years, and even very recently.

Things like monetizing with brand deals, affiliate income, and sponsorship.

It's not all it's cracked up to be (ask me how I know 😆 … )

At the end of the day, selling YOUR OWN PRODUCTS (that you create and own!) to your own audience is the single most flexible, profitable, sustainable business model.

I've tried everything searching for "the best model" that suits my personal parameters - high profit margins, low overhead, lots of free time, no zoom calls, focus on helping more people, etc.

This is especially timely in 2024, when there is a bizarre influx of people selling other peoples courses with some crazy "resell" licensing situation.

Selling someone else's product is extremely risky - whether it's through reselling, affiliates, brand deals, sponsors, ads, etc.

At any time, the other party could change their minds. Change their terms. Change your payout structure. Change the agreement. Drop you as a partner. End their affiliate program. Heck, they could go out of business!

Unfortunately, over the years I've experienced it many times myself. It's not fun!

It is 100% out of your control, and I see so many people building an entire business on a paper thin foundation right now.

You need to control your revenue streams by creating and selling your own IP, your own digital products, to your own audience (meaning, you have a way of communicating with them off social media if needed).

I always knew this, but I also re-learned this lesson in a big way this year. I love partnering with brands on specific projects and will continue to do so when it's the right fit, but I also know I need to completely own my vertical and my products top to bottom.

I'm doubling down on my tried and true strategies for monetizing with my own courses and digital products.

I'm ramping up my launches and evergreen funnels.

I'm leaning into the timeless tactics that have made me and my clients millions.

Polishing up my sales pages, tweaking my email sequences, adding some upsells and low ticket lead gen (all things we teach in Monetize).

Every single strategy, template, tool, resource and training you could possibly need to Create > Launch > Evergreen > Sell your own courses, high end programs, and digital products is inside Monetize .

All in one place, all at your fingertips.

When you go through our Monetize process, you will have the skills to create and sell any type of digital offer, at any price point, at any time - for the rest of your career.

THAT is powerful. THAT is why I'm so passionate about you creating, launching, and consistently selling a product that YOU OWN.

I've used these same tools and templates to create and launch who knows how many dozens of courses, offers, and programs over the years - not to mention thousands of my clients successfully using them to this day.

Monetize opens for enrollment very soon.

Make sure you put your name on the waitlist so you don't miss the waitlist-only bonuses and early access!

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