Everything you need to know about the new Monetize x Profit Architecture Bundle

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Monetize 🀝 Profit Architecture = the bundle everyone's been asking for 😍

Last week, I was moving full steam ahead on a plan and though it felt pretty good, in the actual execution of it I realized "This could be even SIMPLER and more impactful for my students."
The immediate "settled" feeling that came over me when I made a few key decisions told me I was absolutely on the right path.

Listen, if you want to change your mind mid-plan because you've thought of something better - DO IT. You don't need anyone's permission. This is YOUR business after all.

I'll get right to it. The big news is this:

πŸ†The *NEW* Monetize program will be a bundle of all Profit Architecture legacy courses AND the Monetize curriculum in one, streamlined, cohesive experience - and I am so thrilled!

I'll share everything you need to know about the upcoming Monetize x Profit Architecture bundle enrollment below, but the best way to get all the behind the scenes is to listen to the podcast episode where I riff on more of the decision making process, and check out the full waitlist page !


Enrollment for this intake will open on Thursday, April 18th.

The waitlist will get early access to the very limited space bonuses, so make sure you put your name on the waitlist . My goal is to get the link to our waitlist VIPs in the morning, so mark your calendar, set a reminder on your phone!

My brand new masterclass showing you the strategies and systems working for content + course creators in 2024 will also go live on April 18th, available for you to watch on demand when we open the doors!


We've got very special limited edition bonuses*

The first handful of those who pay in full will receive an asynchronous 1:1 strategy session with me, Mariah. There will be a few dates available for you to choose from for your bonus async 1:1 session. Last year, these bonus spots sold out in 3 minutes so you definitely want to be ready when we send out the link!

Everyone who enrolls with either payment option before 11:59 PM ET Friday April 19 will be invited to a one-time group mastermind call with Mariah! This is a rare occasion you won't want to miss.

Everyone who enrolls with either payment option before 11:59 PM ET Wednesday April 24th when we close enrollment will get a full launch debrief from this launch and our upcoming Mindset Reset live challenge in the program!


We'll have a full sales page for you to review when enrollment opens (of course!) but in the meantime, check out the waitlist page and listen to the podcast episode for more behind the scenes.

πŸ“ The Curriculum: the newly updated Monetize includes ALL of our world-class courses and curriculum - including High Ticket Hybrid curriculum, Evergreen EnginesⓇ, the Monetize course, Virtual Event Blueprint, Organic Content Machine (+ Champagne Client Content Kit), Low Ticket Lead Gen, Launch Debriefs, Upsells/Downsells, *all* of our most advanced sales strategies and cash infusion campaigns, every funnel you need to sell any type of offer, and so much more! This is every resource, templates and training to build a thriving content + course creator business that fits your unique goals and lifestyle (it's choose your own adventure, not one-size fits all).

πŸ’– The Community: You know we love a fun and supportive space to share wins, ask questions, help each other out and have fun!

🎧 The Q&A Private Podcast: With over 70 episodes and counting, you can submit questions or topics and Mariah curates the most powerful Q's into individual mini-episodes that are searchable and easy to navigate, so you never have to scrub through hours of call recordings! You will absolutely love this support structure!


The investment is an absolute no-brainer, designed to be super accessible even though this program bundle is for advanced and experienced content + course creator and digital product CEOs. All of the payment options are on the waitlist page here!

Listen to the podcast episode with more insider info.


Now that we are able to combine Monetize and Profit Architecture into one cohesive, streamlined experience, I have so many ideas for things we'll be doing this year.

There's not a lot of people who can say they've been doing this for a decade, through the wild ups and downs and changes of the online education landscape.

It's not about trendy tactics, it's about timeless strategies and creating long term digital assets like we do in the new Monetize (which will now include Profit Architecture legacy courses << so excited I can say that now!)

It's not some viral hack and it's certainly not "passive income" [insert eye roll πŸ™„] - just sustainable strategies you'll actually enjoy doing so you can help more people, run a business that gives you control over your time and income, without all the confusion and drama.

I am teaching you *everything I know* in the new Monetize.

Truly nothing is left out. It's everything I know about making it work as a content creator selling courses + digital products, from 9+ years experience (and over 15k students served).

With everything in the new Monetize x Profit Architecture bundle, you can build your business as simple or sophisticated as you like. These strategies are designed to grow and evolve with you, just like they have served me for my entire career. It's comprehensive and completely customizable to you and your goals.

Make sure to put your name on the waitlist here so I can give you an early heads up when we open the doors (last time we did this, the first few bonuses literally sold out in *3 minutes*).

PS: If you review the waitlist page with all the details and already know for sure that you want one of those very limited bonus 1:1 strategy sessions with me for paying in full, and you don't want to deal with the rush on doors open day, just email us letting me know and we'll get you in early so you can lock in one of the handful of 1:1 bonus sessions. That way you won't have to stress on doors open day knowing you've already nabbed your bonus and everything else!

​*The bonuses are bonuses, not a paid part of the program and cannot be rescheduled or transferred!

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