Live Training Recording: Behind The Scenes of My Hybrid, Evergreen Education Business

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This episode is the audio from our brand new live session training, “Behind The Scenes of My Hybrid, Evergreen Education Business”! 
This rare “Behind The Business” session is a tell-all look into my evergreen “hybrid” course/coaching/digital product business - the funnels, the content strategy, the sales systems, the product suite and pricing, team stuff - everything!
If you have questions, just email us or DM me on IG @mariahpcoz 
In this special training episode, we discuss:
  • How we've gotten "back to basics" with a simple strategy that allows for a 3-day CEO Schedule and virtually no calls (pure unscheduled bliss!)
  • The pricing, product suite, and offer design for maximizing profit and lead gen
  • The core evergreen funnels and promo strategies I'm focused on right now
  • How I'm driving traffic and my simple lead-generation systems I'm doubling down on
  • What my team looks like right now
  • So much more!

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